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Prevent offerings to actually burn until about 30 seconds of a match atually starting

EverLostEverLost Member Posts: 9

We all enter sometimes matches where the game breaks and we are unable to load, or we load and the killer for whatever reason instaquits, and then we lose our offering without being able to actually use it, the devs should come up with an implementation to make sure offerings are only burnt when we actually enter the match and play some seconds of it, it also should work with killers too, the game breaks for killers sometimes and they lose the offerings and i think even the add-ons

Not only that, but i think devs should also implement a system where if a match loads up with only 3 survivors and/or someone disconnects from the match within 30 seconds from starting, the ability to make the killer disconnect and not being able to gets penalized (the killer and survivors) 3 survivor matches are somewhat unbalanced and the killer may think it's unfair and wants to quit just to be nice to survivors, but actually there is no such system


  • HURRI_KAINHURRI_KAIN Member Posts: 224

    somewhat unfair? LOL I usually see killers in 3 member teams just obliterate them, partly because survivors know it's seriously unbalanced at that point.

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