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Loadout UI - Quality of Life Changes

UnoPlusUnoIsTuUnoPlusUnoIsTu Member Posts: 6

How we don't have these already implemented in the game is beyond me.

I've been wanting this feature for so long. :'(

I hope my very rough draft of what I want it to look like makes you feel the same way too.


  • FoggyWeather_FoggyWeather_ Member Posts: 70

    I like the idea of a Randomize Button and a pre-saved Build button.

  • rycornogrycornog Member Posts: 22
    This would be awesome ;) 
  • FoggyDownpourFoggyDownpour Member Posts: 236
    I also want the ability to do an offering search. Want to use a party streamer? Just select it and it will tell you who had one and how many they have. It would be much easier than going through every survivor one by one
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