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Hex: Devour Hope Buff

Just a somewhat small idea to buff DH (Devour Hope), still wont be good for different reasons but its something

1 Tk = Would notify the killer when the totem is being worked on and/or show the survivor aura for x amount of seconds.
Seeing that DH needs to be build up to its full potential, I think the first token telling you someone is working on it is good. Showing a survivor aura is something extra so the killer knows if the survivor is actually is destroying the totem, not like with thrill of the hunt where it can be abused and tapped over and over again

2 Tk = Would either be what the original 1 token is now for DH or would give an flat increase in movement speed (so increases movement speed by X%). Maybe by 5%
It might be noticeable if a killer starts moving faster out of nowhere and it would give away DH, but you have the 1 token at this point and would be able to defend it. Would be good for downing survivors faster and getting tks faster.
Also fits well with hag slower movement and possibly her new rework high rarity add-ons that remove her teleport ability

3 Tk = Stays the same as before allows you to insta-down all survivors/give all survivors the exposed status effect

4 Tk = The totem takes X% longer to cleanse or increases the cleansing time by x amount of seconds, whichever sounds better
At this point destroying the totem should be much harder after working to getting to this point. Also survivors will go looking for the totem after seeing that you insta-down someone and have DH. Increases the chances of you getting 5 tokens.

5 Tk = Stays the same as before allows you to mori the survivors

Was thinking of switching 2 tokens part with 4 tokens part not sure though as the first 2 tokens would only be about defending and protecting totem and not doing anything else.

Hex's still arent good in general but if they ever get better hiding/spawn spots this perk should be really good.
Tell me what you think or any changes you have for my idea.

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