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Jason Voorhees Concept: The Drowned

TheLizardKingTheLizardKing Member Posts: 10
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At the moment I do not have perks or add-ons yet for this concept if I managed to think of some I'll be sure to come back and add them. 

Name: The Drowned.

Appearance: The drowned is extremely tall standing a head taller than the other tall killers. His face is severely deformed and he is missing large portions of skin along his face,torso and various parts of his body. The parts of his skin that still remain are a very pale grayish white color with spots of purple and blue. He is soaking wet with patches mud,moss and various lake muck is spattered on his skin and clothes. He wears a dingey discolored hockey mask and torn brown work pants and a dirty dark grey work jacket and dirty discolored and stained white t-shirt.

When he is near survivors will hear the sound of loud gasps of someone struggling to breath and there will be puddles of water indicating were he's been. Along with an ambient "ki-ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma-ma".
Weapon: Machete

Terror radius: 32 meters and consist of music from the Friday the 13th movies.

Movement speed: 115

Unnamed: Jason has the ability to summon a dense pool of black lake water encompassing the entire area within his terror radius. Once the power has been activated Jason will descend into the water merging with it increasing his movement speed to 130. While in this mode the only way he can attack is once he is in range of a survivor pressing the attack button will cause him to leap from the water attempting to grab them. While attempting to grab a survivor he will have limited turning and will mostly move in a straight line. One he has grabed a survivor he will pull them under the water drowning them. This will not kill them it will instead put them in the dying state Once he has drowned a survivor the ability will be immediately deactivated. Missing a grab will not deactivate the power, however it will cause him to go into a short cool down in which his movement speed is slowed. While in water form his terror radius is reduced to zero. However his location will be indicated by a large ripple in the water and loud splashing and bubbling sounds.

While the power is active there will also be a thick cloud of fog emanating from the water limiting both the survivors and killers vision to between 10-15 meters. However in exchange for lowered vision both survior and killer will be granted a boost in their hearing. All other sounds except for those made by crows,gens,surviors and Jason will be muted. For survivors the splashes they make as they traverse the water will be amplified as well as breathing and injured screams. For Jason as stated above his location is indicated by splashing and bubbling noises.

Please note: The water and fog are not limited to the area of activation and will travel along with Jason across the map. And the level of the water will only be about chest level for surviors as I don't know if having it go higher would someone hinder the player. And one of the original ideas was to have the water make survivors move slower but I thought that might be unfair so I canned that idea.

I don't know how long this ability should last or how long the cool down should be. Any critiques or suggestions are appreciated

Map: Camp Crystal Lake

Map offering. Camp Crystal Lake brochure.

Mori: Jason grabs the survivor by the shirt collar yanking them towards him. Jason then lifts the survivor into the air slamming them down on his knee breaking their spine. The alternative would be once he lifted them in the air instead of slamming them on his knee he would rip them in half.

Survivor: Tommy Jarvis. Originally I had listen Kyle from Never Hike Alone as that was the movie that inspired my idea for Jason but Tommy is admittedly the best choice for the survior. Another alternative for survivor would be Alice Hardy.

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  • iTacomaniTacoman Member Posts: 42

    how would this work on maps with with 2nd floors? would he just not be able to use his power unless he's on the ground floor?

  • iTacomaniTacoman Member Posts: 42

    I really like the idea tho it sounds really cool but don't see it making it's way into the game

  • TheLizardKingTheLizardKing Member Posts: 10

    That's actually a really good point. I think he would still be able to use it in buildings with multiple levels,cause the water will travel with him so it should be able to travel in buildings. I'm not exactly sure how it would work in game but I think It's definitely doable.

  • Divinitye9Divinitye9 Member Posts: 186
    iTacoman said:

    I really like the idea tho it sounds really cool but don't see it making it's way into the game

    In all honestly it would be quite interesting to see a power meant to truly confuse someone and put them into a state of actually feeling anxious.

    I agree with your statement though, sadly. The ability would need some tweaking, but would be a lot of fun.
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