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Dead by Daylight RPG Maker MV Game!

xmenfanaticxmenfanatic Member Posts: 484

Hey ya'll! I'm in my free time making a turn based RPG version of Dead by Daylight! I haven't gotten very far, mostly because of limitations in graphics and how accurate they are, but I made the campfire location and plan on improving it as I learn more about the software!


  • xmenfanaticxmenfanatic Member Posts: 484
    edited January 9

    Here are some graphics!

  • RuneStarrRuneStarr Member Posts: 817
    Those sprites are too cute!
  • xmenfanaticxmenfanatic Member Posts: 484

    This is a prototype for a Kate Denson Sprite I am making, and I was curious what you all thought? I know she's a strawberry blonde, but I wasn't sure if this just made her look like a redhead. Also I did two different styles of hair for her, and was feeling the left side was a better style, but maybe TOO curly? I'm curious for input! Even on something I haven't mentioned, like the top or shorts.

  • SumpsausageSumpsausage Member Posts: 13

    Hey there xmenfanatic

    I really like this idea, it looks awesome and I can't wait to see the final product :)

    Regarding Kate Denson, I would say choose what you think looks better. As an studying animator myself I know what it's like to have trouble choosing designs when you like them all. Try looking at it from a critical stand point and ask yourself these questions:

    • Do the silhouette stand out from other characters?
    • Is this look original from the others or is there some type of similarity that will cause confusion?
    • Does this character's color pallet blend in with other characters and backgrounds

    Just little things like that will make your tough decisions a lot easier. Now I know silhouettes are harder to define in an 8-bit setting but that's something that you will have to work around and can be quite rewarding once you get it.

    Good work my dude :)

  • PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 1,163

    I like how Meg's role is "Looper", lol.

  • AlphaJacksonAlphaJackson Member Posts: 434

    Make a sprite of Amanda where when ever a trap goes off she gives us a good ol' lul face

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 1,725

    Oh my... Oh my... OH MY GOODNESS! This is absolutely wonderful! Keep up the work man.

    You did a pretty good job so far(™)

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