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Played a DLC I do not own + Tree spawned in exit gate + Survivor could not escape in exit zone

DeadWasteDeadWaste Member Posts: 5

Dear dbd support bug team,

in this ticket post I would like to present you two smaller and one major (I think so) bugs. I did not write down the game versions, but I hope the dates still help.

For one, I played as Huntress on Grim Pantry - Backwater Swamp (28th of December 2018) and a tree spawned in the exit gate zone. As seen here in this clip:

For the second one, I played as Huntress on Haddonfield (29th of December 2018) and the last survivor was not able to leave through the exit gate. He had to walk around out of bounds of the map to the other exit gate which was not open and he escaped there. As seen here:

The last bug I encountered a few days ago (07th of January 2019). I used a Glass Splinter on my Huntress and also found a lobby. The match started to load but the loading bar was stuck at aprox. 5%. After 5 minutes I was thrown back into the killer menu, but not as the Huntress, I was the Pig. Although I do not own this DLC. I was even able to level her bloodweb and put perks on her. And I could even play matches as if I owned the killer. I went from the killer menu back into the main menu and was able to go back to the pig and play again. After closing the game on that day and reopening it on the 9th of January 2019 I loaded back in as the Huntress and was not able to play the Pig.

I have made a short video showing of the steps here:

Here is also the full uncut video from my VOD:

I hope you will not see this as exploiting but rather as a help for you to fully understand the bug and this way fixing it. If you do think it is a ban reason then I can take it. But please don't make it permanently or I will

PS: Don't mind the jokes I made in the long video. In my heart I love this game a lot.
PPS: I also encounter game freezes in the loading screen, only solvable by quitting via task manager. And of course the 5% loading thing, where it ends the loading after some minutes and you are back in the menu again. But I guess you already know these issues.

PPPS: Did my first post got deleted, did I do anything wrong? I want to do this right but I'm not sure if I am =(

Best Wishes
DeadWaste <3



  • fluffybunnyfluffybunny Member Posts: 2,161

    The pig one may have been so that you don't waste an ultra rare offering and can play as the killer. It may be a feature. If you were to buy the pig, you probably would keep the levels from what I'm guessing or if you play as pig with the splinter again.

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