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Match History Mural project

PoppaSquatPoppaSquat Member Posts: 73

So today I have something a bit different...
One day while I was watching one of Noob3's winstreak videos I had an idea "why not track more than just wins in a row, but losses, what survivors, maps or killers", then after opening excel and starting to set up a very boring looking spreadsheet of stats tracker, I thought to myself "what if I could make this data look cool?"

And thus I opened Visual Studio and whipped up this bad boy

What you're seeing above is the default screen for the project, which allows you to track your match results, and each time you record them a single pixel is added to the box in the upper left, overtime creating a mural that visually represents your match history.

I know some killer mains are gonna be a bit disappointed with the design at this point in time, but don't you worry, I already have an idea of how you could track all 4 survivors instead of just one (no idea how to track number of kills per match, so define you're own "win/loss/dc" conditions for the time being), but don't worry, we'll have a list of (hopefully) upcoming features at the end of the post.

How it works:
After the match has concluded select the radio buttons for the match data, or select "do not track" if you don't feel like tracking a specific piece of data, then click the button corresponding to the match results once and badabing badaboom, a pixel is added to the image.

How the color to be added is determined:
As you could probably guess by the layout, Survivors represent the B value in RGB, Killers are R, and Maps are Green and each item is roughly evenly distributed across the full 1-255 color values.

How "W/L/DC" impacts it:
Well for this I decided to use a Lumen calculation that builds with each continuous match result either adding 1 "lum" for a win, subtracting 1 "lum" for a loss, and leaving the value "as is" for a DC, then that lum value is added to the color (1 lum = 0.2126R, 0.7152G, 0.0722B).
What this means for you fancy folk at home is that each win or loss will basically increase or decrease the brightness of the color that would normally display, wins moving closer to white, loss closer to black

Sample of what 5ish matches looks like

I wanted to share this with the community, and if anyone is interested I am 100% on board with sharing the finished (or at least beta) version for free, but figured I'd post it here and see if anyone has ideas on how I can make it better/cooler (right now I'm thinking 1px may be a bit too small, especially since its on a 100x100px grid, you'd have to play 10,000 matches to completely fill it out).

Thanks for reading and any feedback in advanced!

Planned improvements:
Change Survivor color range into 4 sets of alternating orders at 1/4 their current color value (so dwight is currently 255, after the change his value would be 63.75) to allow for killers to track all 4 survivors
the ability to save your mural (hence why I'm not sharing it as is, ain't nobody out there looking to carefully select colors and press the W/L/DC button 10,000 times)
The ability to set custom color values for each category and item (so if you don't like maps being green you can change them to red for all I care)
the ability to read from CSV files (this would be handy if the DbD devs ever decided to share out our match histories, then you could track from your very first match retroactively! Or just if you don't feel like clicking those buttons a bunch initially)

Possible future improvements:
Add perks (honestly I would probably just let you swap out 1 category for another)
change it from coloring 1px to 10px (that way 1,000 matches can fill it out so it'll be a bit less painful to get the full picture)
Allow custom mural size
Allow custom pixel size (its more "how many pixels do you want to set at once, I just wanted to keep it simple)



  • BARNAJOEBARNAJOE Member Posts: 1

    Nice work!
    How do I get the beta version? :D
    I would like to try out!

  • PoppaSquatPoppaSquat Member Posts: 73
    I guess it's finally time for me to set up a github lol
    Right now it's in alpha since you can't even save your progress, but once I add that I'll upload it and share a link
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