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Decisive Strike Perk Rework towards the entire perk (long)

HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 10,170
edited January 2019 in General Discussions

Decisive strike: You stab at the killer with what ever you have at hand.
The obsession can use this perk at 0% struggle and non-obsession can use it at 50% struggle.
The skill check is tremendously/considerably/moderately harder to hit
Upon hitting the skill check you stun the killer for 1.5 seconds, effected by enduring.
When hitting the skill check you will be broken for 120/100/80 seconds and all action speeds are reduced by 18/16/14 percent for the remainder of the trial.
When hitting the skill check the perk is wasted, but there is a chance at a good skill check after missing the great that will increase the wiggle bar by 20/30/40 percent, the killer is alerted of this by the screen going grey and hooks being a bright yellow.
If both skill checks are managed to be missed, the perk cannot be used anymore
The good skill check is moderately/slightly/slightly easier to hit

Tell me your thought, I always take peoples thought to help me learn how to rework perks better

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