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Fan-Made Chapter: The Looking Glass.

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The Watcher

Name: Pratt Karcher

Bio: Pratt Karcher if you could guess his parents you'd probably think they were loki and morgana, this would be incorrect though. Pratt was the greatest street thief dubbed "the watcher" for his back of watching his victims meticulously setting his victims up in the right spots, a master of directing his victims minds like a twisted puppeteer. Elderly men and women willing him every thing at a single smile. One day he found a particularly wealthy specimen suffering from Alzheimer's a particularly weak mind one easily twisted, but that wasnt how fate willed it. Unknown to the watcher this particular man was the father of the local king pin, and it didn't take long for him to catch wind. Pratt had to run not a fugitive from law but from the underground. What happened next is anyone's guess some say he killed an elderly woman and kidnapped her daughter, but all can agree that noone has heard from him.

Start the game with half a bar of power, chasing survivors fills this bar.
•active: press the active ability button the watcher can no longer move (but can turn), all auras within 20m can be seen by him and he can be seen by the survivor's within range. If the watcher happens to run out of power he gets a slight stun (probably because it over exerts him).
•passive: all aura reading abilities get a boost to their abilities in the form of 8m +/- depending on which would provide the greater aura reading area.


Foresight- gain an audio notification when a survivor enters 25/20/15m range.
Crystal eye- increase sensitivity to flashlights but increase your aura reading abilities by 2/4/8m.
Distress call- when you down a survivor all other survivors in 5/10/15m have their auras revealed for 4s

Aelish McCarthy.

If ever there were a more innocent victim it would have been Aelish. Raised a die hard Christian she would help anyone in need even going as far as to give the poor her last dime. She didn't need much in the world just to see people happy and smiling was all it seemed to keep her healthy and happy. It didn't take long before her mother became ill, having only been on her own but a few years since the death of her husband. Aelish flew right home to care for her mother not knowing the dark trail it placed her on. She was only getting settled in when she saw it, her mother being held by a man blood dripping from her neck just outside at the car. Aelish fled deep into the local woods ignorant if what lurked in the shadows and fog, she was never seen again but local gossip claimed she was kidnapped.

Spread the wealth- increase chances of becoming obsession, when there are survivors within 10m of you (and you are the obsession) they gain a 15/20/25% boost to actions including sabotaging, cleansing and repairing, if you are not the obsession other survivors gain 9/12/15% boost to the previous actions when within range.
Transference- "You are willing to help others as much as possible, even if it becomes a detriment to you." spend 10s/5s/instantly heal another survivor one level at the cost of becoming injured (cannot be used if already injured)
Quickly- you and survivors within 12m range vault 2/4/8% faster. And crouched movement for those survivors are 5/10/15% faster.


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    His ability is very similar to my own killer’s ability, but I am not saying you should change it completely but I am just pointing that out. His perks, are a bit op but the survivors perks are a bit underpowered. Maybe buff/nerf certain ones. Thank you.
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    edited March 23

    Little did we know Distress call became infectious fright and transference became solidarity

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