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Hatch and idea's


Remove the damh hatch, Its called "Dead by daylight" not "Dead by daylight the hatch" is it?, The survivors get so much anyways, It's there team fault for getting caught 3 times in a row then when you kill 3 people that's 6 hits on 3 survivors and it takes 3 hooks per survivor so that's 9 hooks if you don''t have Mori... but they always have medpack with them most of the time so your going around in circles.

What about putting a debuff on a survivor for getting hooked.., it punishes the survivor and it rewards the killer for doing a great job..

Another idea..
If you hook them twice in the game for the third time if you down them you can kill them so it rewards the killer, I know killers have mori but i just think this idea makes it "Fair"

Another idea..
If the survivor loops over and over again they lose BP...

I do like this game and it could get even better and more fun if the devs listen to there "Community", This game won't last another 2 years if they don't fix there unbalanced game...

Just my ideas.


  • bloxebloxe Member Posts: 81
    They had the perfect solution, that was closing the hatch. I dont know the reason they didnt implement that, probably the survivor cry babies.
  • BongbingbingBongbingbing Member Posts: 1,207

    I just wish theyd bring the closing the hatch. They decided not to go with it because once closed, it's essentially a game of hide and seek that could last however long. I dont know why they didnt do a aura read of the last survivor once hatch is closed to get past this since doing a gen if it was closed would give your location away anyway.
    This way it's a run for the hatch as a last attempt escape/Kill.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 2,939
    edited January 11

    Another idea.. If the survivor loops over and over again they lose BP...

    Also good job you killed 3!
    Yes agree they need to remove hatch standoff but Soon™ they will think of something.
    I mean they did hide the loadout of the killer at the end (finally :D)

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