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Ranking/Surviving Analysis

Ray_PenberRay_Penber Member Posts: 86
edited January 11 in Balance Feedback
I wanted to give an analysis of my games to show the devs the bullcrap ranking and matchmaking system. So I will do 10 games every now and then and post my results here so maybe the devs can see it and possibly fix it. I was a rank 6, but had trouble  surviving any games at that rank. It is too easy to rank up. It doesn't take much skill and you don't even have to escape to rank up. Here it is.

Kate Denson, Perks: Dance with me 3, Windows of Opportunity 3, Lightweight 3, and Urban Evasion 1
• (G1) Kate_R:10-0, Killer_R:11_Nurse, Survived-Y, R:10-1, Game Notes: Wasn't a good nurse since she hardly used her blink. When she did use it she missed a lot of the time.
• (G2) Kate_R:10-1, Killer_R:11_Clown, Survived-N, R:10-1, Game Notes: Got camped once caught. Guess he got mad that I through pallets down in front of him.
• (G3) Kate_R:10-1, Killer_R:9_Trapper, Survived-N, R:10-2, Game Notes: I could have escaped. He had insidious, but I tried to help someone he was camping.
• (G4) Kate_R:10-2, Killer_R:15_Hillbilly, Survived-Y, R:10-3, Game Notes: Wasn't a good Billy and got hatch escape after other two escaped.
• (G5) Kate_R:10-3, Killer_R:10_Pig, Survived-Y, R:10-4, Game Notes: Believe this was their first time as the pig since they had a Glass Splinter offering. Had a trap on my head and she kept tunneling me down. The other two escaped so I was able to take the hatch escape with the trap still on.
• (G6) Kate_R:10-4, Killer_R:11_Doctor, Survived-Y, R:9-0, Game Notes: Did 4 gens by myself pretty much until the end until the Doc found me.
• (G7) Kate_R:9-0, Killer_R:18 _Wraith, Survived-Y, R:9-1, Game Notes: Honestly believe he was a smurf. He played too well for a R:18. He killed a R:16, R:7, and a R:11. However, maybe those players just sucked. You know rank matters though right (sarcasm). This matchmaking is ridiculous.
• (G8) Kate_R:9-1, Killer_R:7_Wraith, Survived-Y, R:9-2, Game Notes: I was the only one to escape. He was camping the hatch so I finished the last gen. He found me, but didn't think that he had noed so he downed me. However, he couldn't find a hook so I escaped and ran for the hatch. I was the lowest rank. Everyone else was either rank 6 or 7.
• (G9) Kate_R:9-2, Killer_R:11_ Hillbilly, Survived-N, R:9-2, Game Notes: Hitboxes man. I jumped through a window and he still down me with his chainsaw.
• (G10) Kate_R:9-2, Killer_R:10_Wraith, Survived-N, R:9-1, Game Notes: I was downed first and then a guy farmed me right next to the killer after hooking me. I was able to get away, however he found me again and put me in the basement. I was saved then found after being healed. He then proceeded to go after me again for the final hook.

Seems to me you have people at different ranks who are either bad or to good for the rank they are in. Look at game 7, that matchmaking is terrible.


  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    Yes matchmaking is terrible (assuming the ranking system worked as intended)

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