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To Billy Mains

BigBlackMoriBigBlackMori Member Posts: 212
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You guys are gods. I have played very little Billy over the years, usually only when i had a daily and then without really trying to win. But today i decided to learn some Killers i usually never touch; i have some perks in him (he's level 40) from just throwing points in here and there the past few years. I put on BBQ3, Enduring 2, Tinkerer 3 and Thana 3 and off I went. Got the Coal Tower for more map, loaded in was glorious.

I spent the first minute zooming around, bumping into everything because i suck with Billy. Then as i checked gens i gens were being touched. Finally, i saw scratchmarks and pursued...i find a cute little Feng Min, M1 her twice as she attempts to loop me, and ...DC as soon as she's downed.

I carry on; chase a Laurie and a kate, lost Laurie..i hook Kate once, Laurie instaves, do it again...same result. Finally, kate is on her last hook and a wild Nea appears. tl;dr - i killed them all and i did it because they were afraid to touch a gen. They were terrified of billy.

So hats off to you, Billy mains. You guys are the true masters of terror.

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