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I've unintentionally deranked.

akbays35akbays35 Member Posts: 810

Mostly from camping on console or good nurses on pc. But I've got to say, rank really is pointless on this game. There is no reward and there is no motivation as a survivor except that you might possibly get better teammates but you get nothing but billys and nurses on pc and some variety on console, but they play at the same level as greens from what I see. As killer, it's meh. I don't find killer fun it's either a quick 4k or a quick gen rush or a long ass boring match of 2 survivors hiding for a hatch standoff and I just wish both sides would play with a sense of fun interaction(hiding and chasing) than a sense of objectives (gens and tunneling). I legit want to give killers hits and hooks when they are stuggling and survivors chances to get back in the game when I play on either side. We tend to forget that this is weirdly a team game not just survivors, but survivors and killers.

TLDR: Fun should be the issue of this game, not ranking. The devs need to work on making the game more fun for both sides and make the kill/survivor interactions more rewarding and maybe the players will come around and play better and less toxic or less boring.


  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 9,643

    Not everyone is a competitive player, thats fine.

    The problem in DBD is that everyone is forced into a "somehow competitive" matchmaking system.

  • AlwaysInAGoodShapeAlwaysInAGoodShape Member Posts: 1,264
    Honestly they should give ppl the option yo _turn their rank off" aka hiding their rank from themselves and others while keeping their hidden rank be part of their matchmaking formula.
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