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New game mode idea - Slaughterfest

MilordMilord Member Posts: 158
edited January 12 in General Discussions
4 killers
5 AI survivor (a very very simple AI)
No gens, no escape door, no pallet
Many windows
4 hatch
Lockers as spawning points for AI survivor

5 AI survivors will spawn randomly inside locker. These AI survivors will get out of the locker 3 seconds after spawning, then they will run around the map randomly until chase is initiated, which will make them start running to the nearest hatch to escape (they can vault through windows).

The killers will compete to kill as many survivors as possible. You can always mori, which gives 1 point, but you can also sacrifice, which gives 2 points. Dead from ability like RBT counts as 1 point.

When carrying a downed survivor, killers have 10 seconds before the survivor immediately wiggle free. They'll die instantly on a single hook. Used hook will replenish after 30 seconds.

After a survivor dies, a new one will spawn (still inside a locker) after 5 seconds.

Obviously killers will compete for most point.


  • Tru3LemonTru3Lemon Member Posts: 300

    4vs5? wuttt no i do agree 2vs8 but 4vs5? jesus

  • MilordMilord Member Posts: 158
    Tru3Lemon said:

    4vs5? wuttt no i do agree 2vs8 but 4vs5? jesus

    The 5 survivors are AI if you read.
  • JudgementJudgement Member Posts: 493
    This seems like it’d be fun but we’ll need to wait for dedicated servers for BHVR to even consider adding game modes above 5 players.
    Hopefully this could become one of them with a few tweaks.
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