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SWF and Killer rank

CymerCymer Member Posts: 593
Hello there,

In every other ranking game, if you coop the game would match you with stronger opponents to balance out the advantage you get from playing with a friend/s. So why does DBD takes the average rank from swf and not the highest?
A better killer would mean a greater challenge and it would also help with the killer queues on high level.
New killer players wouldn't get stompt by a 10 rank higher survivor and everyone would have more fun = more people are playing = more money! 


  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    If DBD would take the average rank, then this couldnt happen:

    A SWF should verse a killer equal of the rank of the highest survivor

  • muffinstuffinmuffinstuffin Member Posts: 8
    Wow @Master ive had games like that its so [BAD WORD] and completely unfriendly to new comers on this game dbd need more players pretty bad and this isn’t helping. 
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