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Lore Related Offerings

PatmospherePatmosphere Member Posts: 8
edited January 12 in Wishlist

As title says, wouldn't it be quite of an interesting thing having "special" offering that may be unlocked uniquely on each character? Stats could be that you gain 50% bonus bloodpoints in each category but only for yourself, and the most essential thing would be that as description/bottom comment there would be a piece of the life the character found him/herself in, before the event of getting captured by the Entity. As some kind of past memory nostalgia, reminding that everyone was human once.
Map offerings related to the chapters are cool yes, but it could feel even better in-depth in terms of story telling if things like those are introduced.

Edit: for example, Claudette may have as offering a botanic related tool or plant, Nea a spray paint, Adam a school item, Kate her own guitar, Evan his dinamytes, Sally her wedding ring, etc

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