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Meaningful rank reset could affect Perks, Offerings, Addons & Items?

The way rank reset currently works the only thing that happens is that players loose some progress in the Killer or Survivor rank.

All Perks, Offerings, Addons & Items remain.

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What is the point of the rank reset?

Based on the available information it seems that the idea is to reset the progress of Killer and Survivor rank back a few levels so the game experience can be more balanced.

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Why is it bad for the gameplay experience that players are allowed to stockpile Offerings, Addons & Items?

From my point of view one of the core issues for game balance is that rare and ultra rare items can be stockpiled by players who hit 50 and do not decide to Prestige or already reached Prestige 3 and 50.

Special events that grant bonus Blood Points further allow dedicated players to gather more Very and Ultra Rare Items, Addons and Offerings.

As a result Very and Ultra Rare Items, Addons and Offerings are available in abundance.

Instead of encountering players with Very and Ultra Rare Items once in about 20 matches about every second or third match is affected by them.

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Why perk slot numbers and perk levels matter

As the perks currently work for some of them it makes a huge difference if they are at rank 1 or 3.

When people prestige it makes the game more challenging from levels 1-15 when only limited perk slots are available.

1-4: One perk slot

5-9: Two perk slots

10-14: Three perk slots

15+: Four perks slots

It is not a balanced game experience when players who are equipped with just one, two or three rank one perks face other players who have four rank 3 perks equipped.

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The affect on low medium and low rank players

If the hard core players who have the time to spend several hours a day each week at this game would remain at rank 1 -4 Very and Ultra Rare Items, Offerings, Addons and Perks would not affect the more casual player who would enjoy to remain at rank 10 - 5.

Unfortunately some people intentionally play in a way to lower Killer or Survivor ranks.

Other people may have been inactive at the game and also reach lower ranks.

Because of that it is possible to face players equipped with 4 purple rank 3 Perks, 1 Ultra Rare Ebony Mori and 2 Ultra Rare Add-ons at lower or medium ranks.

That is not a balanced gameplay experience.

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No feeling of progress at Prestige 3 Rank 50

For some one of the main motivations to level up a character may be to unlock Perks.

When players reach Prestige 3 Rank 50 and unlocked Rank 3 of all perks there is nothing left to unlock.

Players then face the choice to either keep playing with that character and stockpile items for their inventory or play another character.

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Suggestion - Rank resets affects Perks, Offerings, Items & Add-ons

Ranks reset could be changed to truly reset the playing field for everyone.

  • Both Survivor and Killer characters keep all the unlocked Perks but they are reset to rank 1.

  • Very Rare and Ultra Rare Offerings, Items & Add-ons are removed from the players inventories.

Rare, Uncommon and Green Addons remain.

. . .


  • Casual Players should not face Hardcore players with stockpiled Inventory and all Rank 3 Perks when everyone ends up in the same pool after rank reset.
  • The ability to bully low rank players with stockpiled Very and Ultra Rare Offerings, Items and Add-ons becomes less frequent.
  • Hardcore players who already unlocked all Perks may find a new motivation to play again after rank reset by levelling the Perks up to Rank 3 again.


  • lindechenelindechene Member Posts: 69

    Some image examples from todays play session as both solo survivor and killer:

    Survivor Rank 8 faced a Rank 4 Killer with

    Rank 3 Nurse Calling
    Rank 3 BBQ and Chilli
    Rank 3 Whispers
    Rank 3 Ruin

    Survivors had Brand New Part (Ultra Rare) and Ranger Medkit (Very Rare)

    Killer Rank 10 Black Ward Example

    Ultra Rare Addon that afflicts Dying on Hatchet Hit but removes 4 hatches.
    combined with
    Very Rare Addon that adds two extra hatches
    results in
    3 Hatchets that afflict Dying on Hatchet Hit

    combined with
    Black Ward that allows to keep Item and Hatchet

    4 Black Wards in inventory enabled to run this setup 5 times in a row.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298
    edited January 2019

    The bad thing about your suggestion is that we don't all play just one Killer or Survivor every season. We cherry pick each character whenever we feel like it. My Trapper might get 3 Bloody Coils but I don't use them because I switch to Freddy, hell yeah I got a Z Block, I switch to Clown and I finally Get Redhead's Pinky Finger for the first time but I only have 1 so I'll stockpile it until I get a nice amount and never permanently lose them. Oh no, Rank Reset came and I lost everything I worked so hard to get, screw this game because I can't play the way I want and each level 50 Bloodweb costs approx 50K.

    Also, I like your Nea.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,384
    This would just be annoying.
    Resetting perks to lvl 1 mean going for 100+, level 50 bloodwebs still.
  • I_am_NeganI_am_Negan Member Posts: 1,496

    I put the time in to get my stockpile of items, perks, and offerings

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 12,662
    edited January 2019

    No. I already don't prestige because I value my builds more than I do cosmetics. You've no right to forcefully take away people's hard-earned items, perks, etc..

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 9,376

    Reason why not has already been said.

  • ShyN3koShyN3ko Member Posts: 1,616

    I have 530 h and i still need bloodpoints.
    All killers are lvl 50, but i prestige them.
    And you are a survivor main.
    You dont understand how hard it is as killer.
    Every game, we need good perks and addons.
    If you would play killer, you would understand it.

  • TheBeanTheBean Member Posts: 2,320

    If there was a reset like you mentioned above, there would be no more point in playing.

    Why would I want to throw away a possible 100s of hours of game play? You don't get those offerings or perks without playing the game... So why bother even playing if your effort has to be thrown away all the time.

    Who is going to buy a game that throws away the time you've spent playing it all the time. Like just tosses it out the window?

    Thanks for the effort you put into making the post though... but it would be a complete waste of time.

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