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Chapter XI: Tainted Treasure

TheAngryPickleTheAngryPickle Member Posts: 73

Killer - Captain Blackbeard

Weapon - Anchor
Power - Mark of The Leper - When you put a survivor into the dying state, you may infect them with Mark of The Leper for 30 seconds, inflicting them with a random ailment and the Contagious ailment. While Contagious, if uninfected survivors come within 5 meters, the infection will spread to them, inflicting them with the same ailment, plus Contagious, and an additional random ailment. Cannot spread to survivors already infected with Mark of the Leper. Possible ailments include Mangled, Madness, Blindness, Exhaustion, and Hindered, and may include Exposed, Cursed (Lullabyx3, 3rd Seal, Ruin), and Broken with addons.

Perks - Blackbeard's Curse / Ravenous Greed / The Devil's Luck

Blackbeard's Curse - Corrupts 2 Chests into Bloody Chests. The killer gets a sound notification when a survivor is searching a chest. If a bloody chest is being sabotaged, a failed sabotage skillcheck will curse the survivor with a random ailment for 30/60/90 seconds.

Ravenous Greed - Allows you to use (1 additional offering / 1 additional offering or add-on / 1 additional offering and add-on) per trial.

The Devil's Luck - Increases your chances of getting higher quality add-ons from Bloody Chests.

Bloody Chests - Using a cursed coin addon or Blackbeard's Curse will corrupt normal chests into bloody chests. These chests no longer contain items for survivors, but addons for killers. Survivors can sabotage a bloody chest for 2000 blood points, awarded to their current lowest category point total.

New Killer Offerings: Bloody Coin/Cursed Coin/Iridescent Coin - Corrupts 1/2/3 chests into Bloody Chests.

Mori - Blackbeard turns the ground the survivor is lying on into quicksand, swallowing them and suffocating them, leaving only a hand sticking out of the ground that twitches and then becomes still, before turning the ground solid again.

Survivor - Calypso

Perks - Spectral Image / Gift of the Sea Goddess / Dying Breath

Spectral Image - You must sabotage 1 Bloody Chest or 2 hooks to activate this perk. Once per trial, while repairing generators, you may create a ghostly illusion that will repair the generator in your place. The illusion will persist until the generator is fully repaired or until the killer attacks it.

Gift of the Sea Goddess - You must cleanse 2 Dull Totems or 1 Hex Totem to activate this perk. Once per trial, you may impart a piece of your soul into a fallen survivor whose life was taken by the killer's hand, bringing them back to life, injured, on struggle hook. Doing so will leave you Injured, Broken and Hindered for the remainder of the trial. This action awards 1500 BP in the Survival category and 1500 BP in the Benevolence category. This action cannot be used on survivors who have left the game.

Dying Breath - When the Killer uses a Memento Mori on you, curse the killer with your final breath, reducing the speed of all the killer's actions by 25%. Does not stack.

Map - Treasure Cove - A winding cavern filled with Blackbeard's treasure hoard. Various obstacles/clutter would be piles of gold coins and precious gems, treasure chests, rowboats, etc.


  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    I like the Bloody Chests, I would use that on every Killer just for a chance to get an Ultra rare.

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