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Sudden frame drop, killer goes invisible, can only do generators...

The_TrapperThe_Trapper Member Posts: 186
edited January 2019 in PC

As the title says, I keep getting random points where my frames drop to about 12, and then ranges back up to 40 but frequently drops back to very low FPS. Then a few things can happen:

  • One survivor has no aura, or model, thus going invisible.
  • I cannot perform any actions other than repair generators or open exit gates.
  • The killer completely vanishes apart from their red stain.

This never used to happen on the old engine, so I think it could be a bug. But I have not seen any other posts about this problem, any insight would be helpful.



  • Cartar2169Cartar2169 Member Posts: 10
    We have another bug report on this matter by MandyTalk, more information is there
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