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Who was the first killer?

AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 44
edited January 21 in Lore

Everyone talks about how the nurse was the first killer for the Entity, but I though the Macmillian Estate incident was what summoned/awakened the entity. Wouldn't that make the trapper the first killer, or am I missing something/being misinformed?

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  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 9,258

    The Trapper is the original Killer, the very first one the developers made. If you mean in-universe, then the Nurse was taken from the earliest known time period.

    IMO, the Entity Herself was the first Killer. Long before She had the power to take Survivors and Killers and force them to do Her bidding, She simply drained Survivors until they were no longer useful.

  • LCGasterLCGaster Member Posts: 1,662

    Devs say that there is no way to know, since the Entity can appear at any time in any location we can't know who the first was or in what order the got taken. You can say that one killer comes from farther back in our time compared to the others, but that doesn't mean they were the first to be taken by the Entity.

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