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new skins for hallowen 2018-2019

pieles del trampero wraith hillbily para dwight meg jake y claudette
y uno de la enfermera para nea y el doctor para feng min y la cazadora para david king y la forma de laurie y freddy para quentin y el cerdo para el detective tapp y el payaso para kate y la bruja para as ... leatherface está solo: '(


  • FengFeng Member Posts: 28

    This is the english forum..

  • aufovskyaufovsky Member Posts: 52

    Damnn i never gonna get them with that slow of shard grind

  • smityheadsmityhead Member Posts: 47

    Translated Version: "" wraith hillbily trapper skins for dwight meg jake and claudette
    and one of the nurse for nea and the doctor for feng min and the hunter for david king and the way of laurie and freddy for quentin and the pig for the detective tapp and the clown for kate and the witch for ace ... leatherface is alone: '( ""

    Even if i translated it i still dont know what you mean. There is no possible way to add cosmetic for licences character (yet). But, i think there will be new cosmetic in the future.


    smityead : thanks for help me dud!!!!

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