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Hatch stand off suggestion.

Quite a simple work around/suggestion for the current hatch stand offs.

How about a new debuff/status effect that applies to survivors when being hit as long as all gens are powered or only one person is alive and hatch is open.
Said debuff would disable interactions with the hatch for the next 5 seconds on top of that (optionally) disable the possibility of leaving through gates for said duration.
Only damaging abilities would trigger said debuffs (not sure about Legions frenzy, would vote no for that one though).

What this does?
Completely removes the dreaded point blank stand offs and somewhat puts survivors that need to be "escorted out" through the gates into a dangerous positions.

Of course other possible stand offs would remain, survivor standing in a safe distance with sprint burst ready or on a high grounds with a balanced landing, etc.
But that is still better than what we currently have.

This could remain as long as we have current end game that is.... let's say not fun for either of sides.
No one really bothers doing gens when being last one alive, due to obvious reasons and killer feels completely powerless when it comes to hatch plays, even if hatch is found first, so it all resolves around hatch anyway.

What do you guys think about this?

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