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New gamemodes

How cool would or be of there was 2 killers and 8 survivors, a gamemode with a secret killer and thema more gens or just another gamemode. I would likeur That but are thoughts. Comment down what you think. 


  • djalmafreestyler1djalmafreestyler1 Member Posts: 10

    This is something that I am very interested. It's gonna be awesome two killers against 8 survivors, and other challenge game modes.

    But the maps will need to be a little bigger to have more gens and characters.
    It's sad if you are a survivor who spawns with one killer in your side.

  • Quentins_TwynBrotherQuentins_TwynBrother Member Posts: 18
    Yes thats right 
  • SpacingLlamasSpacingLlamas Member Posts: 245
    Think this will happen eventually once dedicated servers are out. A lot of people want it and request for it. I would like it as well
  • nightfallnightfall Member Posts: 12

    Would love 2v8, but it would need some serious balancing to make it work out. 2-3 survivors wouldn't need to keep both killers busy for very long to ensure the remaining 5-6 survivors absolutely devour the gens with leader and other speed buffs. You would probably need to slow survivors baseline gen speed by 50% at least.

    Figuring out all the top tier killer combos would be amazingly fun tho.

    1. Infinite III/tombstone myers + distressing+unnerving doc. Doc purposely slows the game down as much as possible to give myers enough time to get to get tier 3 and stomp everything
    2. Nurse + Billy for insane mobility and map presence
    3. Legion + anyone. Legion focuses on easily injuring everyone and revealing their teammates location, and the other killer finishes them off with a single whack
    4. Cannibal + anyone. Cannibal hard counters the huge amount of body blocking that would take place in 2v8s and he would be amazing at scaring groups away from generators

    Most importantly, killers will finally be able to play with friends (KWF?).

    Sign me up

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 1,293

    Identity V has a 2v8 mode that has many game settings changed:
    (English client ingame rules page)
    1. Only different Killers
    2. default maps are only the 2 biggest maps in the game (theyre enormous); in DBD the devs would need to create new maps for this mode in my opinion.
    3. (Ingame shop object where you can buy items as survivors or upgrades as killers (movement speed, attack recovery, ability coold down, hook progression speed)
    4. 30 seconds after being hooked, you cannot be unhooked.
    5. There are 11 generators on map, and survivors need to finish 7 to activate the gates.
    6. In Identity V's version of this mode, survivors can carry 2 items.
    7. Survivors need to be hit THRICE to be downed
    8. Repair speed is set to 70% or 30% , the translated rules page isnt that clear here ;P

    Btw camping in this gammode nearly always leads to survivors winning.

  • BonkoulBonkoul Member Posts: 12

    A 2v8 Gamemode for DBD would be proven interesting, with some limitations :

    • Not the same or echo killer for both players (so no LF+HB or Trappeur+Hag)
    • Not more than 2* the same survivor (timer will be locked down in those two cases)
    • Generator speed reduced by 40% + 10%per person doing the same generator
    • Powering the exit doors will need 7 generators
    • Map limited to Game(+1 tile radius on each level), Rotten Fields, Disturb Ward and Mother's Dwelling (those three being over 11,000m², it should be enough)
  • TarveshTarvesh Member Posts: 401
    Legion+Pig = double down time to get rid of both mortal wound AND bear trap. Pig traps and pounces, Legion hunts makes kills.

    Doctor+Pig = you thought those traps were going to be easy?
  • MasterMaster Member Posts: 10,208

    @Quentins_TwynBrother said:
    How cool would or be of there was 2 killers and 8 survivors, a gamemode with a secret killer and thema more gens or just another gamemode. I would likeur That but are thoughts. Comment down what you think. 

    Would be cool yes, but not as long as they cant even balance their only gamemode

  • ThatOneHuntressThatOneHuntress Member Posts: 3

    I think that this would be quite entertaining to watch, but not very fun to play when it comes to a killer point of view. I think that this would be very hectic for the killer. For instance, if a killer were to walk into a group of survivors, that killer would have to single one out, (unless you were someone like Cannibal) and not to mention the body-blocking and trolling that would roll around when it came time to hook someone.

    Once again, I do think that this would be a good idea though if multiple buffs and changes came to maps, killers, and survivors. :)

  • Maelstrom1313Maelstrom1313 Member Posts: 230
    Quentin you should check out my killer origin mode if your after new modes
  • JoyfulLeaderJoyfulLeader Member Posts: 537

    I made my own gamemode on fan creations if anyone wants to check it out that would be nice

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