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The problem with NOED [RANT]



  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,314

    @friendlykillermain said:

    @The_Crusader said:
    Orion said:

    @XavierBoah17 said:

    If they removed the speed buff and instead added a penalty to using the perk. Like increased terror radius.

    Like the survivors being able to disable it before it even activates?


    Which saddens me to say but that's actually completely unfair. It's so easy to disable it in swf too.

    How is it fair that the killers crutch perk can be stopped from happening but the survivors can't? Dribbling is situational so it doesn't count.

    true mat least instant flashlights dont exist anymore but unfortunatly you cant drop them anymore before the blind

    I'd take that over the instant blind from behind you my dude.

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