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Killer Idea with Power: Fan Service

Do any of you remember that 80s arcade game where a knight looses his armor whenever he is hit?

Killer power suggestion: Fan Service

When the killer hits a Survivor for the first time

  • the Survivor looses his equipped shirt.

When the killer hits a Survivor for the 2nd time

  • the Survivor looses his equipped pants
  • the Survivor gains the Status Effect "Embarrassed"

Status Effect: Embarrassed

Survivors with the Status Effect "Embarrassed" are too shy to interact with other players and cannot perform cooperative actions.

  • They cannot heal other players.
  • They cannot repair generators together.
  • They cannot leave trough the exit gates when any other players are within a 10m radius of the exit.

To get rid of the Status Effect "Embarrassed" players need to enter lockers to find their clothing again.
Entering lockers has a 30% chance to return the clothing of the Survivor.

New customization item: Underwear

In addition to Face, Shirt and Pants players can now choose different Underwear.

As a default option the basic underwear includes boxer shorts and a tanktop.

Players can unlock or purchase additional cosmetic options in the store.


  • Provide the community with a Killer that slows down the game in a humorous way.

  • Give survivors a reason to use the lockers so related skills like "Iron Maiden" receive a purpose.

  • When it is acceptable to hook or mori survivors in a game it is equally acceptable to provide fan service.


  • BillyIIIBillyIII Member Posts: 365

    If they ever do this, they should also give the male survivors some nice body hair.

  • lindechenelindechene Member Posts: 69

    tldr version: Fan Service could help to prevent tunnelling and bring new players looking for a more fun and relaxed way to play killer.

    The original post contains the basic idea. In this post some additional details are added that would need to be tested in order to balance the killers power and the Embarrassed status effect further.

    Could Fan Service be supported with licensed survivors?

    It depends on the policy of the license givers. Those who have featured their main characters in similar scenes in their movies may not need to be convinced much because they know how such scenes can attract more attention.

    As an alternative option the clothing of licensed characters could just be torn in a modest way fitting the needs of the franchise.

    Could Fan Service help to prevent tunnelling?

    Yes. The goal of the killer would be to put as many survivors as possible in the Embarrassed state. Players will not be able to quickly heal each other before they retrieved their clothing from a locker. They will not be able to repair a generator together.

    Could Fan Service help to prevent that Survivors wait around the Exit Gates?

    Yes. Fellow Survivors waiting around the exit gate would block their teammate from leaving. Especially SWF groups would now have a big incentive to stay away from that gate so their "Embarrassed" teammate can leave without having to retrieve the clothing first.

    Can an Embarrassed Survivor be healed?

    Yes. After a teammate unhooks an Embarrassed Survivor he can heal him.
    However the Embarrassed Survivor cannot heal others before the clothing is retrieved from the locker.

    What happens when another Survivor starts to work on the same Generator as an Embarrassed Survivor?

    The repair action of the Embarrassed Survivor is interrupted when another survivor starts working on the same generator.

    The Embarrassed Survivor is faced with the choice to either start searching lockers to retrieve his clothing or to stay in the Embarrassed state and find another generator to work on alone.

    How long would it take to put on the clothing in the locker?

    When no clothing is found the time to enter and leave the locker remains as before.

    However when the clothing is found the character would remain a few seconds in the locker to change.

    This the probability of retrieving the clothing and duration of the stay in the locker to put them back on would need to be tested for balance reasons.

    With a low probability ( 33-50 %) to find clothing in lockers the time spent in the locker could just take 3-5 seconds.

    With a high probability to find clothing (66 -100%) the time spent in the locker could be 15-20 seconds.

    The second option would make it more risky to put the clothing back on.

    It could produce some funny situations when another survivor looking for his clothes is opening an already occupied locker.

    Variants of Fan Service and Embarrassed status

    • Instead of having to wait until both shirt and pants are lost and the Embarrassed status is triggered players could have the option to search lockers to retrieve the shirt again.

    This would make it easier for survivors to prevent being put into the Embarrassed state but they would waste more time searching lockers.

    • Status Effect: Slightly Embarrassed

    When Survivors loose their shirt they are just "Slightly Embarrassed" and can keep working on generators with others and escape trough the exit gate.
    However they would not feel comfortable enough healing others wearing only a shirt.

    Could Fan Service bring new players to Dead by Daylight?

    Yes. Depending on the region there are certainly people who are looking for games that feature Fan Service.

    Players who are not mainly motivated by killing but rather by putting survivors into the Embarrassed state could bring a welcome change of attitude to the game where it is not just about winning but actually having a fun time in a more relaxed way.

  • Rebel_RavenRebel_Raven Member Posts: 1,654
    The killer with it could be the worm from galaxy of terror. Haha

    But yeah, it's silly, but I wouldn't be mad if it were added.

    If it were a viable source of points to inflict then it could definitely beat out the desire to sacrifice everyone, thus defeat tunneling, and camping.
    Heck, if it's fun enough, and gives enough points the killer might be inclined to not feel too bad about letting them escape. 
  • AlphaJacksonAlphaJackson Member Posts: 588

    This Idea looks at post I like it! Slams post to ground ANOTHER!!

  • starkiller1286starkiller1286 Member Posts: 491
    But shirtless David exists... what happens with him? He gets a rad tan or something? 
  • Rebel_RavenRebel_Raven Member Posts: 1,654
    edited January 2019
    But shirtless David exists... what happens with him? He gets a rad tan or something? 
    He loses his pants. It's like running no mither. Lol

    Or he turns into a bear.
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