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[Perk buff suggestion]: Slippery Meat



  • GhostfaceneedaNerfGhostfaceneedaNerf Member Posts: 30
    edited August 2019

    I couldnt care less about my grammar since its not my mother language, and i lived a long time in Scottland and ppl wasnt a jerk or complain about it like you do now, plus many young ppl in UK writte a lot worst than me through mobile phone messages, so yeah...i couldnt care less, specially because they cheered me up for speak 3 languages and work like the best of them so thats the important thing. Now leaving behind the grammar nazis and insults, lets go about your arguments:

    1."The Reverse Bear Traps maybe. And the main function of the Boxes is to free yourself of the trap. It's a solution to the problem and won't actually kill you on it's own":

    Thats a plain fallacy, bear traps are more irrelevant than never since end of the world they dont explode in the exit and dont keep you "trapped". The boxes in the opposite can get you killed atleast in 4 ways: Denie the key and make the bomb explode, make the laugh sound and spot you, stop you from healing to make you bleed and spot you through your bleeding, getting catch on the trap and insta hooked. They are traps, its what keep you trapped, withouth them you would insta die or insta free yourself, the only reasson you are trapped its cuz the box, they are not a solution, THE KEY ITS THE BAIT NOT THE SOLUTION, you can actually do engines and escape with a bear trap in your head and if the killer its next to you the timmer will stop.

    2"The boxes seen in game never appeared in the movies".

    If they are in the movie or not its irrelevant, the movies are about ppl dying to crazzy traps, it could be a bird with a bomb inside(in that case you sure say the bird isnt a trap right ? but a bird...) it could be a shotgun that make noise instead of shot to make the killer find you, or whatever, in all case the game captured the essence of the weird crazzy traps with that boxes and bear traps, withouth the boxes you wouldnt have the feeling of have to escape to diferent traps.

    3."They don't bring you down a healthstate nor are you actually stuck. If you'veplayed the game at all you would know this. The bleeding is only temporary and you don't scream unless you fail a skill check.":

    Thats another fallacy, You have your hands trapped, if you get scared and try run they will cut you and you will scream, and they will slow down your escape, they bring you down x2 health state when killer use the grab, if you think being good will allow you to never fail an skill check then you never studied stadistic or maths at the school, if you ever played this game you will know you scream when fail skillcheck or the pig spawn behind you and you force the disengage with the box so thats 2 situations not 1, as you can see you are full of lies and half-trues.

    Only a noob/friendly pig would let you play with the boxes after "end of the world" patch, if you would play as pig atleast 2 or 3 times, you would knew the most easy way to do the first kill its get in stealth mode, follow the bleeding of the survivor(the bear trap only works for that, to keep them away from healing) , and then use the box trap to insta down the survivor, being the bear trap an useless tool that you need just to do that, and since end of the world, kill the first survivor asap its a priority, so you better learn to do this soon as possible or trust your bear traps and get tea bagged at the exit doors by survivors with your bear traps as hats in their heads.

    4."The boxes are just there to make a visual representation of a survivor having a chance, a good survivor could easily do the boxes without getting found via missed skill checks"

    If you trully belive that then you should be the worst Pig killer in the game, Its basically an insta hook trap, just because you dont know how to use them to insta down survivors dosnt mean they are useless. If you want learn to instadown survivors with the box trap, just read point 3.

    5."Unlike the Pig's RBT, you can manually free yourself from Bear Traps set by the Trapper. And unlike the Trapper, the Pig's Traps have one definitive box that always has the key for every trap placed on your head, it's just your luck if you find the right box.":

    I dont see the diference its cuestion of luck in both case that you free yourself from trapper or the pig in time, just the pig ones are more elaborated traps and have more mechanism to slow you down while trpper ones are more easy to "place and forget". In both case you free yourself manually, depends of trapper add ons you will will have more luck or less, and with the pig depends of the box you will have more luck or less.

    6."The Pig's trap is the one placed on your head, without the boxes it can't be removed, but the boxes themselves are not traps, they are solutions to a trap granted by the Entity."

    In the movies was Jigsaw the one giving the chance of salvation through pain no the entity, so again its not true what you say, maybe in the game its the entitiy, but in the movies was Jigsaw twisted logic about find "salvation through pain", and it was a twisted logic because if you pass through pain first then your soul salvation its worthless, and thats why he was a psychokiller and police wanted jail him, otherwise he would be claimed as a hero that saves ppl.

    You also seems totally unaware of how Pig main killers are complainning bear traps are absolutly useless, actually box traps its you best way to oneshot survivors by grabbing them, they are not a solution but an elaborated trap, for ppl who thinks like you, the key its not your freedom but a bait, bear traps dont trap survivors anymore, but box traps do.

    PS:As you can see you dont understand how to use box traps, you dont know how to play pig, and probably all survivors will escape from you with your beloved bear traps in the head, and they will go through the exit laughing at you, because you are a full of lies and half-trues that you belive yourself, you wasted a lot of time writting a bunch of crap, that only make things worst for the Pig since the mayor complain of Main killers PIg its bear traps being useless after "end of the world" patch, so next time plz talk about the topic wich is slippery meat perk, and try dont talk about what you dont know, and specially dont tell how to play to this who actually know how to do it, or just dont talk at all about what you dont understand.

  • GhostfaceneedaNerfGhostfaceneedaNerf Member Posts: 30
    edited August 2019

    i m sorry but i m not going bother on read that bunch of crap from a grammar Nazi likes you, who think insulting my grammar will makes your arguments better, you dont know how to use the boxes (wich is laughable) and you are making worst the problem for the Pig since you seems totally unware the bear traps are usless nowdays, so there is no point argue more with you, you are delusional and trying to denie my arguments but the point was protect the pig from a "slippery meat" buff and since you dont seems understand the problem for the pig with the useless bear traps and the relationship with "end of the world" patch, or how to use the box traps, so honeslty not point answer you more, cya and GL with that noob mentallity about the key being salvation and not a bait, you will fail as killer and as survivor if you keep like that, not that i care tbh, i m not here to teach you play or be your babysitter. Learn the game or unninstall, not my problem.

    PS: As you can see i express myself perfectly and you understand me, so no problem with my grammar, not that you have an amazing speech too, you seems the usual internet hater that get lost in his own arguments and making worst the problem that tryed to solve, so i just can laugh about your arrogant kid attitud.

  • GhostfaceneedaNerfGhostfaceneedaNerf Member Posts: 30

    I repeat you yes they are traps, The pig its a traps playstyle killer, the whole franchise of movies of Saw are about the diferent traps the killer use, and that boxes are part of the trap, and are also traps by theirself because you have your hands trapped inside, because they hurt you and make you bleed like traps do, and when you scream you give away your position to the killer, so they are traps to spot you and kill you, with a small chance to find the key wich is totally irrelevant since even Trapper traps have that small chance to escape of the trap.

    Also dont juzgue ppl for their name, better look on my steam profile and the hours i played this game. And about ghost face i just want say its a p2w killer that wasnt releassed with a counter survivor in the DLC, so has no counter, and if struggle at rank 1 its something no one cares cuz ppl that pay for p2w items or chars just care about win 100 matches downranking on prupose, they dont want to be a free to play nurse that sufer agony during 3 prestiges and 20 ranks to be OP, they pay to get easy kills, and thats why ghost face being a very uncharismatic killer its getting sold so well, ghost face works perfectly to that p2w function, and needs a nerf because p2w its something i dont want in my game and ruin the whole game just because few kids want pay to onshot low lvl survivors, its a silly bussyness model and the best way to kill your own game.

    What you are doing here its like see the movie of saw and when the girl its tied to the chair, with a bomb-bear trap in the head, you say the chair its not a trap cuz....its a chair...and the bomb its not a trap cuz...its a bomb lol go tell that to the girl suffering it lmao

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510

    Wtf is up with these old ass necros.

    @Peanits can we close it.

  • AWesley91AWesley91 Member Posts: 151

    The perk currently is really garbage. If they buffed your attempt numbers and the odds of success it might be worth using even without luck offerings.

    Killer mains should be happy if more perks become good. Then it can stop being the same few perks every game survivors use.

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