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Evil Dwight Guide: SEQUEL - //Completed//

Evil_DwightEvil_Dwight Member Posts: 18
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The New Testament of Evil Dwight (Gameplay Complete):

Original Scriptures:

Disclaimer: The Scriptures of Evil Dwight have been reviewed by official community moderators of Dead by Daylight, and lengthy steps have been taken to ensure they adhere to the restrictions forbidding griefing and its dissemination. The Prophet does not condone metagaming, griefing, cheating, or disrespect of the game experience in any way. I urge you to see for yourself that my assertions are derived entirely from honest gameplay, and the situations that arise from them are essential aspects of a true Horror Simulator. These guides are intended for In-Character, philosophical exploration of the game's existing documented mechanics and lore, and should not be interpreted as an encouragement of misconduct by anyone. Praise the Entity.

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