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Violation Decay + Restriction Flaws (Explanation)

NMCKENMCKE Member, Trusted Posts: 5,279
edited January 28 in Forum Feedback

Punishment System:

Recently, I been talking to some mods via private message about a concern that I have for the forums: The Punishment System.

Someone will be permanently ban on their next F.Q.A. violation but the thing is, they will always be at that stage. You could be the good little angel that you was meant to be for a good 6 months just to mess up and get banned for a month.

"You broke the rules so therefore you get the punishment."

I agree, but I feel like receiving a ban for going so long without violating anything is a bit harsh in my opinion. Perhaps a restriction will be the better option since after all, everyone will eventually make a mistake during their time here.

Decay System:
After going X amount of months without violating anything, your offense level gets reduced by a single level. This doesn't apply to those who got permanently banned already and they will need to make a ban appeal to reduce their punishment level.


Please hide the bars from other forums users since it's only the mod's and the punished forum user's business, not anyone else. This will prevent naming and shaming the punished forum user (@MandyTalk I understand that is not your intentions as mods but it still doesn't change the fact that it shames us) and you won't receive 20+ messages about why you got jailed.

I'm willing to further explain why I want this in the forums.
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