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No Survivor User Interface during the whole match - map name stuck

lindechenelindechene Member Posts: 69
edited January 2019 in PS4

After the loading screen and entering the match an automated camera sequence triggers that included the map name

Badham Preschool

This map name info stayed during the whole match and no part of the Survivor UI was not loaded.

  • No information about other survivors and their health state
  • No information about remaining generators
  • No information about equipped perks
  • No information about perk cooldowns

In addition there were

  • no progress bars for healing

  • no progress bars for repairs

  • no progress bars for cleaning totems

The only information that was displayed were triggered Totem effects.

Cursed, Exposed etc.

This glitch may be helpful to create screenshots because the map name is included but playing completely without all the UI information like this is one of the worst experiences I had to suffer trough in DbD so far.

The match ended in a fitting way:

In the end game lobby is indicated that one survivor disconnected.

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