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Initialization Error on Xbox over and over

I bought this game and almost all of the DLC with my friends on xbox recently. When I try to play the game I am getting the "Initialization Error" over and over. I have tried deleting and redownloading the game. Tried on a different Gamer Tag, different xbox, different internet connection. Nothing seems to fix this problem. Browsing on the forums it appears that this is still a problem for many users. Has anyone found a way to fix this that I haven't tried or is this totally on the server side leaving us waiting for a fix from the devs?


  • blasters27blasters27 Member Posts: 6

    Still unable to play this game. 2 patches came out this week and nothing has fixed this issue. Not sure what to do at this point. I guess if the Devs will not address this issue I will have to go back to Microsoft and request a refund for my purchase.

  • SuggestiveSuggestive Mod, Customer Support Posts: 26

    Please have a quick look at your NAT type and ensure it is set to "open".
    Additionally, can you tell us if you're a part of the XBOX Insider program? (if yes - try opting out and see if that allows you in).

    If not, and your NAT type is indeed set to open, can you create a ticket over on support.deadbydaylight.com ? We're trying to gather some data on this at the moment.

  • blasters27blasters27 Member Posts: 6

    I checked my NAT and it is open. Also I was in the preview program and I opted out. It reset my xbox. I still cannot get past the initialization error.

    I created a ticket a week ago #284481

  • SuggestiveSuggestive Mod, Customer Support Posts: 26

    I see the ticket - it is with who is needs to be. As there's a lot of information coming in, it might be a little longer before you get a reply. Please bear with us.

  • blasters27blasters27 Member Posts: 6

    Any updates on this? I responded to the latest questions about using Wireless and WiFi connections and checking my NAT. Everything is open and I tried both types of connections. Not sure why this is still happening? My friends are playing and really enjoying the game so I'd really like to join them soon.

    One thing I remembered was that when I first attempted to play the game Xbox Live was having issues. All of us had to sign in multiple times before the Initialization Error went away. Unfortunately mine never did. Any chance the purchase could have been corrupted somehow? I would think deleting and redownloading it might help that. But I'm really just grasping at anything here.

  • blasters27blasters27 Member Posts: 6

    Any updates here? Haven't heard anything in over a week?

  • toystertoyster Member Posts: 4

    I had the same problem on the Xbox back in October after one of the updates. Kept giving me an initialization error. Tried everything- redownloaded it, uninstalled all DLC, resat the xbox, moved the game to various drives, quit the insider program, checked the NAT, etc. and nothing worked. Filed a ticket back in October and had a response that told me to do what I had already tried. After the second update after it stopped working (sometime in November) it started to let me play but i had to go through the initialization failed message like 5 times to do it. Update after that and it stopped working again and hasn't worked since. Even my save files were gone. Even tried to start it off a disc to no avail. Really liked this game and hate that i can't play. Stopped buying DLC and generally gave up on being able to play ever again. If you find something that works let me know.

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