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The Lanterns and what are they

XavierBoah17XavierBoah17 Member Posts: 177
I was hoping for more lore in this event coming from the lanterns but sadly it seems nothing is really telling of what these lanterns are or where they came from. 


  • TigerKirby215TigerKirby215 Member Posts: 467

    To my basic understanding of Chinese culture the "lunar vessels" contain spiritual energy gathered on the Lunar New Year. My guesstimate is that they contain the spirits of those who have passed that could aid the Survivors if saved, hence why Killers seek to taint them and destroy them.
    There's nothing of this sort in Chinese culture to my knowledge but I know that the Chinese have a lot of respect for the dead and believe in ancestral spirits aiding in times of need. For more information I'd suggest searching on the internet about Chinese culture, particularly the cultural significance of the dead in Chinese culture as well as Chinese (paper) lanterns.

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