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FAN KILLER & SURVIVOR: The party of ages

Mockingbird_XMockingbird_X Member Posts: 43

Killer - the Concubine

Appearance: A small stocky woman in an intricate victorian dress, a masquerade half-mask and a powdered high wig. Her neck is slit open - blood is staining the dress from the neck down.

Name: Catalyna de Çaldibar

Weapon: A foldable hand fan
Speed: 110%

Game name: The Concubine

Power: “Love potion”

Charm survivors with your love potion - charmed survivors lose the will to escape: all they want is your embrace.

Start with 3 bottles of Love potion. Love potions can be restocked in Treasure chests around the map.

Charging M2 (2s) the Concubine breaks 1 bottle of the Love potion and blows up its’ fumes with the fan. The fumes gradually spread around the Concubine, intoxicating any survivor within the area of effect and makes them gain a tier of Charm status up to a maximum of 4. (Survivors in lockers do not gain this effect).

Charmed survivors suffer a 0.5% speed penalty to all non-instant interactions (repairs, sabotage, cleansing, healing, mending, unhooking, opening gates) interactions per meter away per Charm Tier from the Concubine up to 80%

Charmed survivors have a slightly higher chance of Skill Checks appearing per Charm Tier during ALL non-instant interactions, including those that do not generate a Skill Check under normal circumstances (such as: cleansing totems, searching Chests, opening the exit gates, receiving healing by other Survivor, unhooking a Survivor etc.)

Each Charm Tier except Tier 1 wears off over 60s. Charm Tier 1 does not wear off.
Charm wears off quicker when:

  • staying crouched
  • staying in a locker
  • staying within 20m of the Concubine

Hitting a Survivor removes one Tier of Charm, except Charm Tier 1.
Hooking a Survivor removes Charm status completely.
Searching a Treasure Chest removes Charm status completely.
(a Charmed Survivor can perform Search action on already searched Chests, but it will not yield any more items - only remove the Charm effect)

Non-Charmed Survivors can perform Sabotage on a Treasure Chest - it will prevent the Concubine from reloading her Love Potion from that Treasure Chest for 90s. Starting this action, however, puts the Survivor into Charm Tier 2.

Power addons

Power addons deal with range of the power, additional effects applied to Charmed survivors etc. Notable addons are:
Toad mucus: Charmed Survivors perceive the Heartbeat when near other Survivors as if within the Killer’s radius;
Potent formulae: Hitting a Survivor does not remove Charm Tiers;
Mind-numbing formulae: All Skill Checks become moderately more difficult with each Charm Tier;
Numbing solution: Great Skill Checks are treated as normal successes for Charmed Survivors;
Sleeping powder: Applies a 30s Deep Wound status to Survivor upon being gaining Charm Tier 3;
Soaked handkerchief: Survivors gradually increase their Charm when within 10m of you.
Special lipstick: Healthy or Injured Survivors in Charm Tier 4 can be killed.

Mori animation

A kiss, upon which the Survivor convulses uncontrollably and drops dead.

Killer Perks

No Gifts from the Wicked
“You of all people know how the right accessory can make or break your plan.”
Whenever any item is dropped or placed on the ground and there is at least one empty Chest - the item is consumed and an empty Chest resets.
Survivors have a slightly/moderately/considerably lower chance at finding an Item of an uncommon or higher Rarity from Chests.
Gain a notification when someone starts searching a chest.

Sacrificial Festivities
“Drinking in the festive air can make you … careless. And unbearably loud.”
Every time you hook a Survivor - gain a token. Each token increases the distance at which you can hear Survivors’ actions by 1/2/3m. All sounds are directional.

Hex: Lulling peace
“Your struggles are past, you deserve a little rest. Here, lie down, my dear”
Survivors in Dying State crawl 20% slower. Decreases the Dying State recovery and healing speed by 15%/20%/25%


Porcelain splinter: Allows you to take on the role of the Concubine for the next trial. Your current Perks and Add-ons will not be used.

Empty perfume bottle: Calls on the Entity to create 2 more empty Chests

Survivor - the Partystarter

Appearance: A young man in a tacky suit and pearlescent shades.

Name: Erick Cortés

Role: the party buffoon

Survivor Perks

Light up the Stage
“Stop being an attention queen? No thank you, I’m SO GOOD AT IT!”
Every time another Survivor’s aura would be shown to killer - your aura is revealed instead and you gain a Token up to 1/2/3. If the Killer’s Obsession - the limit is increased by 1.
When Light up the Stage has at least 1 token - Failed Skill Checks are treated as Good Skill Checks and consume 1 Token. Increases your chance of being the Killer’s Obsession.

  • Light Up the Stage does not activate when you are in the Dying State or affected by Traps;
  • Light Up the Stage does not trigger Distortion Perk and does not activate while Distortion is in effect;
  • In case more than one Survivors’ auras are about to be revealed - Light Up the Stage treats only the closest Survivor as target.

Obnoxiously omnipresent
“I’m all over this place, man!”
Scratch Marks left by you will spawn moderately/considerably/tremendously farther apart, leaving a trail wider than usual.

“I’ve danced three days straight once. All I need is the momentum to keep me going”
Being in a chase for 90/75/50 seconds activates the perk.
Once the Perk is activated, press the Active Ability button while not in chase to remove negative status effects from yourself.

  • Does not affect Cursed and Exposed effects
  • Does not affect Broken if it’s caused by the No Mither Perk


  • JoyfulLeaderJoyfulLeader Member Posts: 537

    I find this very interesting, I like the theme of this chapter idea and the power, the perk quotes for Nick are funny LOL, I wonder what the map would be.

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