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Why does matchmaking take so long? Sometimes I wait seconds to a few minutes to find a match. Other times its well over 5 minutes, I usually end up restarting the game in order to find a match. My internet connection is fine, I run on LAN so that shouldn't be a problem.



  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 1,073

    Are you trying to queue up as Survivor or Killer?

  • jyusanjyusan Member Posts: 6

    Survivor. Sorry should have mentioned that.

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    @jyusan said:
    Survivor. Sorry should have mentioned that.

    If you're playing the event for points towards coins, you're better off playing survivor because their game are both shorter than killer's AND they get more points for that amount of time.
    Knowing this, a lot of killer players have gone to play survivor instead which means more survivors than normal, thus increasing the queue times. The opposite happened during the last event around Halloween.

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