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Chapter idea: Down in the dark

Hoodedfengm1nHoodedfengm1n Member Posts: 5,395
edited February 9 in Fan Creations

Map: Tunnels

This was once a parkour ground for people to enter, but something more was here, people went down here one day and started to disappear, eventually this place was locked down by the government and when somebody went down there, they tried to sneak in to the tunnel system, but nothing was there and there was something new there, symbols, that have never been seen before....

Killer: The Missing

This maniac we know very little about, all we know is that they went missing for 15 years, and found them in the forest outside eating something, at all cost do not let them out side-A doctor, never forgot this file, but they failed in keeping them locked up and never could find out what they ate, or who they ate, but they seemingly damaged alot of things on there way out, and took our specialized weapon made, project 'cure'.......

Power: Project 'cure'

This was originally a project made by the doctors at the asylum The Missing was placed into, it has an ability to bring fear to those around it. Upon activating this power, you can only activate this mid-chase and it will cause The Missing to enter a full sprint of 130% speed for 3 seconds, when hitting a survivor they will enter the injured state and suffer from 3 status affects, blindness, mangled, and lost flame(new status affect that will prevent anyone from healing you but yourself). When a survivor is downed using project 'cure' the survivor will struggle 10% slower. The ability has a 30 second recovery speed and hitting survivors without using it increases the ability charge rate by 10 seconds until used.


Defenestration: You seemingly hit people out of a window, literally. When hitting a survivor who vaults a window, they will be affected by mangled moderately/considerably/tremendously. You can no longer grab survivors vaulting windows, and survivors that vault pallets are grabbed 3/6/9% faster

Insanity: Your sanity affects everything around you. Upon exiting a chase, the survivor you were in the chase with will gain mist affect that prevents vision from 12/8/4 meters for 10/11/12 seconds

Slash and dash: You hit survivors and continue the process over and over again. When hitting a survivor who is not your obsession you recover from the hit 2% faster. When hitting your obsession, your attack recovers 5% faster. When hitting a survivor, then missing, your next hit will recover 4/8/12% faster if you do not miss.

Survivor: Rochelle Roach Oswald

(Too lazy to do another lore so meh)


Vaulter: You trained long enough to vault like a master. You vault everything 30/40/50 percent faster when healthy, but 10/15/20 percent faster when injured

Power through: You push through any issue. When a barrier is blocked out by the entity, you can vault it still, but 20/10/0 percent slower but you are injured in the process.

Balance out: When you land, you land at an excessive rate. When landing a vault or dropping off a high height(Not getting hit) your next exhaust perk will not affect you with the exhaust status affect, this perk can only be used 2/3/4 times

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  • BillyBoiMainBillyBoiMain Member Posts: 164
    This is a good idea but Insanity, needs to be reworked. Yeah turn a killer’s ability into a perk and make that killer useless, rework it please.
  • Hoodedfengm1nHoodedfengm1n Member Posts: 5,395

    @BillyBoiMain said:
    This is a good idea but Insanity, needs to be reworked. Yeah turn a killer’s ability into a perk and make that killer useless, rework it please.

    I fixed it, but it is now a hard ability to describe

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