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Killer Creation: Child’s Play

TarveshTarvesh Member Posts: 401
edited February 8 in Feedback and Suggestions
With the relaunch of the Child’s Play Series, how awesome would it be to get Chucky in as “The Doll”?!?

Here’s what I think:

When Chucky is the killer, the map is populated by 10 other Good Guy dolls that are resting randomly around the map.

Dambala Chant
Chucky channels his chant for 7.5 seconds then a map of the area pulls up and Chucky can choose one of the other Good Guy dolls to transfer his essence to. The dolls stay where they were whenever he leaves one.

 Small, Fast Target
Chucky cannot be stunned by pallets, but also cannot valt windows or other surfaces.

Chucky moves at 160% speed (to help compensate for what will be terrible vision at his height).

Chucky cannot hook survivors. Instead, when a survivor goes down, Chucky can mount them and begin stabbing the survivor.

Like a normal hook, the survivor can struggle to push Chucky away, and other survivors can throw Chucky off (treated like unhooking a survivor).

When the Entity is summoned when Chucky has mounted a survivor, Chucky only has to channel is Dambala Chant and the survivor will instantly be sacrificed.

Perks: (Chances are reflected on the tier level of the perk.)
Maniacal Laughter
Chucky’s laughter sends bone chilling fear down through survivors, causing them to panic and become uncoordinated. There is a 10/25/50% chance that a survivor will fail to valt, use a pallet, or free themselves when attempting to do so.

Friend Till The End
Chucky is a determined and tenacious killer who stops at nothing until he’s caught his foe. Scratch marks are 20/40/80% brighter and last for 1/2/3 seconds longer.

False Life
Any effect that would reveal Chucky’s location reveal only the location of the Good Guy dolls not currently possessed by Chucky’s essence. This perk is not reachable.

This was not meant to make an all powerful or top tier character. Instead, it was meant to create a killer themed around Chucky; small, fast, deadly, but with the limitations of his height and vision being factor to consider.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my take on a Chucky on how I think he would be playable in Dead by Daylight.
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  • TrAiNwReCkTrAiNwReCk Member Posts: 246

    Always thought a chucky killer would be great. I really like your take on the overall design. I see the hooking part of your idea difficult as it changes a major aspect of the game.

    There is MM white mask staring at you, or chuckys crazed doll yell as he jumps out and attempts to stab you. seeing his red hair run crazy fast around short boxes would be crazy freaky I think. Good thoughts!

    Maybe when chucky needs to pick the survivor up he turns into charles lee ray as a human for the height so he can hook :-D

  • greylurkergreylurker Member Posts: 6

    A haunted Doll in general is a classic Horror archetype so it could be an original killer if they can't specifically license Chucky. What if it dragged you to the hook by your ankle and then flips or throws you up onto the hook. Or maybe it has a rope to drag you, loops it over the hook and pulls you up

    I really like the idea of a small fast moving killer. Something below eye level where you just see the grass rustle or the crows fly before it stabs you in the foot

  • TarveshTarvesh Member Posts: 401
    Thanks for the comments and critiques so far! If you’re interested, i’d Like to know what you think of my second creation, The Plague that is here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/45670/killer-creation-the-plague#latest
  • JoyfulLeaderJoyfulLeader Member Posts: 537

    Chucky can just grab them by the foot and fling them on the hook, that's an idea

  • cipherbay_cipherbay_ Member Posts: 9
    You lost me when you said "Buddy" Dolls. Everyone knows its "Good Guy" Dolls
  • TarveshTarvesh Member Posts: 401
    You lost me when you said "Buddy" Dolls. Everyone knows its "Good Guy" Dolls
    LOL! I just realized this when you mentioned it. I named my terrier “Buddy” after the “My Buddy” dolls from the 80’s and was thinking of those.

    Thanks for the catch! I’ll edit it to make it correct. :)
  • greylurkergreylurker Member Posts: 6
    edited February 10

    Ha and now they are rebooting Chucky.
    Trailer already up on yutube

    EDIT (several hours of info gathering later): Now I'm mad. New movie has nothing to do with the originals. Looks like an AI gone bad robo-killer thing.
    upside though sounds like the original creator is working on a Child's Play TV series for SciFy

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