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New Chapter: The Broken Saint

Some things are undergoing changes, replacements, or reworking

Chapter: The Broken Saint
_The theme of this chapter is the will to go on and forgive or to accept the Entity’s blessing at revenge and a chance to condemn sinners. The Chapter comes with the new Survivor, Dawn Jemima Deering- and the new Killer, The Snake, or Phinehas Diggory. Both are people belonging to a religion, willing to uphold the lessons they are taught given by their Gods and make sacrifices for either their own gain or someone’s. _

Survivor Concept
“What would be the importance of forgiveness if in this realm of constant death requires you to betray other fellow survivors to the killer’s wrath so you can survive? That is a question that continues to resurface in my thoughts and that I struggle to answer myself. However, this newcomer comes forth protecting and crooning a song of faith despite the betrayals against her done by others, all while wearing a comforting, forgiving smile as she gets sacrificed to the Entity. What encourages her to give kindness and move past the actions done to survive through this endless rounds of misery, with an unbreakable resolve to put others before herself? Perhaps she knows there is no point of falling into despair because there is a way out of here, that we only have to keep moving forward and keep hope flowing because we haven’t seen it just yet.”
Name: Dawn Jemima Deering; Dawn
Role: **Forgiving Phoenix
Description: Dawn J. Deering is a forgiving phoenix, able to aid and protect others in grim events.

Her personal perks, Magnanimity, Guardian, Heaven’s Wings allow her to be able to encourage hope within fellow survivors and protect them when in dire situations while forgiving them through misery.

Difficulty: Intermediate/Hard - WIP

BIO: Dawn Jemima Deering was born and raised in Bontnewydd, Gwynedd for a few years before moving up to the capital of the United Kingdom to be with the rest of her family. Being raised in a Catholic household, Dawn continued the religious practices by attending the masses at Westminster Cathedral and joined the choir later on in her late teens, crooning the descants with ease and bliss. She grew up as a happy, humble lady with a heart that lured crowds closer to her, wanting to befriend the girl either for the riches she had or for the journeys they could have together. A cycle that would carry on as she would enter Sixth Form College and the University of London, something she always forgave for and moved on.

It would seem that she had the easy life, but in reality, it was not a glittery palace for the arguments between her mother and her father to decide upon their daughter’s future; as a normal human being with their chosen job or as the future CEO of the fashion design company the family owned. It was something she stayed awake for during the nights, asking her Lord and Saviour as to what should she do in this situation. After three years of living within the Deering Household, Dawn packed her things and left for a simpler living with two of her closest girlfriends, wanting nothing more but explore the world outside of her birthplace before giving her life towards the family business.

The trio of friends worked together at the same job, gathered money, and journeyed across the seas, enjoying the company of one another as their main source of fun. They first went to Canada to help a fellow cousin settle in their new chosen home before moving towards North America and Spain, sight-seeing the magnificent structures and testing the traditional meals of the country with utter joy. Dawn would be grateful for the freedom she was given through these adventures, however, her parents were constantly on her mind, with their words leaving her in wonder.

The trio of girls had found themselves in La forêt des Landes, France, deciding to camp and explore the terrain before returning back to the comforts of homeland. Setting up their temporary settlement, Dawn would tell her companions that she was going to explore for bit and that she would return before supper. Little did she know, that by walking into the forest would be a terrible choice made on her count for deeper in the nature's dwelling withheld a dark secret.Taking no more than two bridges a walk, Dawn would discover a decaying stone chapel in its lonesome and within the structure was nothing, but a portrait of a couple and what seemed to be where the offerings were given. Shocked by this discovery, she would've gone back to the camp and asked about this place, however, her curiosity stuck fast as glue as she investigated the room. There wasn't much to be found, but a single, worn rosary on the brown stained ground which brought questions of fright to mind.

But Dawn wouldn't be able to ask them as a cold wind and heavy fog surrounded her in swirls of mystery. Her back was towards the statue as she called out to her girlfriends, her hand still clutching the found rosary from the ground, her mind switching from thought to thought. Suddenly the floor under her feet collapse and with it, she fell into a pit of darkness with nothing being left behind, never to be seen again. After Dawn had not returned for dinner, her two friends went to search for her with a party of helpers, only to find no trace as to where she had disappeared to except for a bloodstained rosary in a broken chapel...

Teachable Perks:


Perk 1:
Desc: Even in the trial, it is needed. For every time a teammate brings the killer to you by failing a fail check, gain a token. The next time the teammate is in a chase, allow their luck to increase and dodge a hit from the killer. This consumes one token. You can only have up to 2/3/4 tokens.

  • The inflicted survivor will receive exhaustion for 60 seconds
  • Cannot be used twice on the same survivor if they are still in a chase
    “I’ll say to you, for every moment I’ve been revealed to the darkness, I shall forgive you as long as eternity.”
    Perk 2:
    Desc: You have to instill hope, no matter what happens. When you are hooked, killed, or sacrificed, survivors gain a 6%/8%/10% boost to any action - repair speed, healing, searching, rescuing, and opening the gate - for 25/30/35 seconds, or until you are saved from the hook.
    “And I shall give you hope, even in my moments of despair, I shall thrive as your Guardian to send you the light.”

Perk 3:
“Devoted Prayers” - being reworked
Desc: You refuse to leave others behind. When the exit gates are powered, should a survivor become injured or pulled into a chase, their aura is revealed to you for a few seconds. If you are near the survivor, run behind them and push them forward to take the hit instead, making you fall to the dying state/the injured state. The survivor will gain a temporary speed boost for 25/30/35 seconds.
Status effect will vary on character.
If injured upon activation of the perk, a timer will instead initiate for 16 seconds before falling into the dying state.
“I shall take your place with a smile so that heaven’s wings shall carry you to another day of life.”

Head: Dawn - Brown hair pulled back into a bun with light fringes on both sides of her face, a beret topping on her head.
Torso: Sweetheart - A comfortable black cardigan over a loose, sleeveless seafoam dress with the collar held up high and a white choker.
Legs: Darling -A pair of black leggings and white heeled ankle boots.

Head: Bloody Dawn - Brown hair pulled back into a messy bun with loose strands on both sides of her face, a torn beret topping on her head splattered in mud.
Torso: Bloody Sweetheart - A comfortable black cardigan over a loose, sleeveless seafoam dress with the collar held up high and a white choker, all splattered in blood.
Legs: Bloody Darling - A pair of black leggings and white, heeled ankle boots with tears and blood.

Head: Clara -Shimmering dark hair pulled into a ponytail with a bow and two loose fringes on both sides of the face.
Torso: Evening Blouse - A delicate yet lively blouse with a V-shaped collar and puffy, short sleeves.
Legs: Evening Skirt - A nice flowy skirt with a silky bow and a pair of flats.

Head: Phoenix Crown - A bun with two strands of hair curled free and a feather headpiece aligned with pearls.
Torso: Phoenix Wings - A silvery feathered corset with a sweetheart neckline and off the shoulders, opaque, puffy sleeves, a small pair of silver wings attached to the back.
Legs: Phoenix Claws - A white skirt with silver feathers sprouting from the back and black lace, low heeled slippers.

Head: Glimpse - A view towards her future if she ever escaped from this realm, a small bun with locks of hair running down her back and a daffodil ornament.
Torso: Glimpse Shirt - A handmade dress shirt with a high collar and dark sleeves.
Legs: Glimpse Skirt - A silky skirt with leather belt to keep it in place and a nice pair of flats.

Head: Spring Beret - A beret with flower designs to keep spirits up.
Torso: Spring Dew - A torn, but loose, sleeveless seafoam dress with leaves and flowers designs sewn onto it, however, it would seen that something is missing from it. Perhaps someone borrowed her cardigan for warmth.
Legs: Spring Caress - A pair of white stockings with nature designs and matching, heeled ankle boots.

Head: Mother Nature - She has let down her hair and tied two strands into a partial ponytail, with a bouquet of flowers crowning her head.
Torso: Comfortable Jacket - A comfortable jacket for the journeys in nature, equipped with a warm scarf, fingerless gloves, and a satchel holding the necessities towards survival.
Legs: Ripped Jeans - A pair of ripped jeans that tells what it has been through the journeys in nature’s dwelling, which is paired with a pair of cozy riding boots.

Head: Winter’s Warmth - With a pair of earmuffs and hair pulled into a comfortable braid, this girl is ready to face the cold!
Torso: Winter’s Comfort - A warm dress coat over a knee-length gown and comfy, fingerless gloves to assure comfort in the snow.
Legs: Winter’s Guide - A pair of dark jeggings and low heeled boots with buckles, reaching to her knees.

Head: Daffodil Crown - A braided bun with tiny yellow flowers growing from and decorating her hair.
Torso: Daffodil Kiss - A pale yellow blouse over white camisole. It would appear that there are yellow flowers sprouting from the flesh.
Legs: Daffodil Petals - A matching skirt that flows gently in the wind as petals fall from the yellow flowers on the clothing and skin.

Head: Steady Wings -
Torso: KazeCasey Cloak -
Legs: Adventurer’s Jeggings -

Killer Concept
“A man only draped in a robe and hood, reeking of alcohol and ashes whenever he prowls the terrain for victims. Seeing him did not bring only fear, but also a drizzle of despair in me. What made him fall into a path of condemnation? What has he seen that he gave up on God and decided to become a condemner of sinners? Who was he, before he was given this role of a monster that hounds and sentences us with deadly precision? Regardless, I find myself having to keep caution no matter where I am - in an instant his poison may come upon on me and distract me with illusions while he comes for me with killing intent.”
Name: Phinehas Diggory
Killer Title: The Snake
Ethnicity: French

Movement Speed: 110% (4.4m/s)
Weapon: Venomous Fang (A falchion is a one-handed, single-edged sword of European origin, whose design is reminiscent of the Persian scimitar. The weapon combined the weight and power of an axe with the versatility of a sword.) When he lunges, he lifts the weapon back to the opposite side with a single hand and swipes down forward with them.

Dev Note:

POWER: Lucifer’s Apple - still undergoing changes and additions
Desc: Lucifer’s Apple is The Snake's main Power: he bends and shapes poison to his will. With a ritualistic symbol of the Entity, he creates deceitful traps made from poison and blood which he can use for various effects. Creating a Lucifer’s Apple works very similar to setting down a Bear Trap and Phantasm Traps. He can have up to 8 Traps at once distributed across the map, with each subsequently set Trap removing the oldest one. Survivors that come into range of the trap will receive the new status effect; Temptation, where they will constantly see illusions of objects, survivors, and the killer until they have cleanse themselves by washing off the substances at a Baptism Pool.

Desc 2: (W.I.P)

MORI: The Snake flips the survivor over to their backs and start to brutally slash against their flesh, all while humming an angry hymn of condemnation to his prey. Hastily, he digs his weapon deep into survivor’s shoulder and finalizes their death by harshly stomping on their face, leaving a disfigured corpse in the end.
OBSESSION MORI: The Snake slowly prances around the obsession with a horrific, jolly giggle as the victim attempts to crawl away. Carefully they carve the Entity’s symbol into the obsession’s back before slicing the flesh open and pull out the victim’s heart, kissing the organ and putting it away in his robes.

BIO: (W.I.P)

Teachable Perks:


Perk 1: - being reworked
“Obsession: My Divinity”
Desc: You become obsessed with one survivor. Each time your obsession saves or is being saved from the hook, your auras are revealed to each other for 5 seconds. Once all generators have been completed, survivors
with the obsession will be given the Exposed Status Effect and the Killer can kill the inflicted survivors.

  • The Exposed Status Effect will only apply to those with the obsession and the obsession themselves

“My Divinity is a treasure from my God and I shall cherish them with amounts of devotion through this trial of fate.”

Perk 2:
“Heed Thy Sins”
Desc: You punish those would refuse to let sinners die. For each time, a survivor saves someone from your arms or from the hook, their auras are revealed to you and they will be given the Hindered state for 35/40/45 seconds. During this time, you gain a 8% speed boost for 15/20/25 seconds.

“They have done their crimes so let them perish in Hell!”

Perk 3:
Desc: You have a hatred for those surrounding your obsession from your reach. Each time you are in chase with the obsession and you are mislead by another survivor, gain a token. The next time the survivor is within your terror radius and you are chasing your obsession, any ways to help your obsession escape will be unusable for 20/30/35 seconds for the survivor. This consumes one token. You can only have up to 2/3/4 tokens.

  • This only applies to pallets and windows

“You have no right to touch my Divinity, you disgusting sinners!”

Head: Holy Hood
Body: Prophet Robes
Weapon: Venomous Fang

Head: Bloody Hood
Body: Bloody Prophet Robes
Weapon: Bloody Fang

Head: Rat Crown
Body: Rat Suit
Weapon: Rat Scepter

Head: Snake Horns
Body: Snake Robes
Weapon: Fallen Blade

Head: Preacher
Body: Preacher Gown
Weapon: Preacher’s Fang

Head: Gentleman Bowler
Body: Gentleman Suit
Weapon: Gentleman’s Cane

Head: Judge Wig
Body: Cloak of Truth
Weapon: Judge’s Wrath

Head: Prince of Hell
Body: Royal Hell Garments
Weapon: Hell Blade

Head: Broken Halo
Body: Broken Angel
Weapon: Broken Wing

Head: Poisonous Crown
Body: Poisonous Ivy
Weapon: Ivory Ivy

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