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Very strange basement bug / cheat / exploit

TigerKirby215TigerKirby215 Member Posts: 479

I don't know what happened but in my last match there was this one particular Feng Min who I tried to hook in the basement. Every time I did I'd slide away from the hook and lose control of my Killer, as if I was experiencing connection issues or something. At first I thought it was just my dorm WiFi acting up but there was a point where I tried to hook the Feng upwards of 8 times and I kept sliding off. She actually managed to struggle off my shoulders but I did manage to hook her again regardless.

If it matters I was playing Clown, and the Survivor was (obviously) a Feng Min. The map was Grim Pantry (Backwater Swamp). I played another match on a different map and had no trouble hooking Survivors in the basement.

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