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If someone DC the Killer will auto gain a stack on his Perks

bendermacbendermac Member Posts: 213

It's very annoying when someone disconnects and you can't get the stacks from this person. So why simply automatically add the stacks to the Killer's perks if he runs appropriate perks like BBQ, Devour Hope, Play with your food, etc.
If the Killer runs 4 perks that can be stacked, well then he gets 1 stack on each perk. Don't punish the Killer for a DC.


  • DrKnockers05DrKnockers05 Member Posts: 70
    I like this idea. Granted, you do get bloodpoints if someone DCs. But I don't see why you shouldn't be able to use any token-based perks effectively, simply because some survivor got salty and rage quit.
    BBQ&C should definitely get a token automatically per DCing survivor. No aura reading, though.
    Save the Best for Last could maybe gain one if someone DCs unless it's the obsession, in which case it just acts as if they died and stops stacking. I would say two tokens if the obsession DCs before you've hit anyone else, but that could be a tad too much. Maybe if they leave within the first two minutes?
    Play With Your Food and (maybe) Remember Me should get their max amount if the obsession DCs. 
    Devour Hope...I'm not sure. You can still get 5 tokens with three players, although it is admittedly harder. Plus there's a chance it gets destroyed within the first 30 seconds so it's a bit hit or miss. Maybe a temporary speed boost as if you already had 2 tokens and you just hooked someone if there's a DC.
  • fluffybunnyfluffybunny Member Posts: 1,540

    I could see that argument being made for BBQ, but some of the others require certain things to obtain stacks.

  • DelfadorDelfador Member Posts: 2,255

    This should happen at least for BBQ but it has been suggested before and the devs don't seem willing to do that which doesn't make sense.

    There are survivors who literally DC just so that they can deny your stacks. It is just a bad game design at this point and I don't know why BHVR doesn't do anything about this.

    WGLF is another perk that is a result of bad game design. Because of this perk people get hits for no reason just so that they can get stacks and waste their time healing themselves, they try to go to flashlight saves rather than doing generators, they farm other teammates and fck up the whole team. This perk's problems still didn't get addressed as well.

    I went a little bit off topic but well, maybe they see and do something. One can only hope.

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