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Killer Idea: The Crow's Father

ZensykZensyk Member Posts: 3

Visual: He is a big crow-ish creature with a human stature with a long coat
Ability: He can connect with the crows on the map and look through their eyes and he can be in there for 5 seconds and on the map are 10 crows that he can connect to at any times and after he gets out of the crow and saw through her a survivor the aura is revealed for him for 3 seconds, and the ability has a base cooldown of 6 seconds so he can't just skip instantly from one to another. You can recognise as survivor if the Killer is going into a crow's mind, by a medium loud noise of a crow screaming. And the Crow takes the heartbeat so you know like that if there is the killer near you with a crow.
Base Attack: He has a longer base attack range as any other killer but doesn't have a lunge attack, like every other killer got, he attacks the survivor with his claws under his coat.
-Base Movementspeed: 118% **
28** Meter terror radius
His normal Sight is only as a normal Killer when he is in a chase if he is not, his sight is moderatly decreased
Perk 1#_ Crows eyes:_ All auras you can read are extended by 8 Meters, cause of that it DOESN'T affect Barbecue and Chilli!
Perk2 # Be ready: Every time somebody misses a skillcheck their aura is revealed to you for 4 seconds in a distance of 30 Meters (and if other survivors within a 8 meter area their aura is revealed too)
Perk3 # Hex: Can you hear it?: Everytime an aura is revealed to you they get a heartbeat and you get an exposed effect for 8 seconds on them (doesn't affect Mirror Myers)
What are your opinions about this? Would enjoy to have a talk under this post about my idea! :)
I made it short intentionally so there isn't too much to read and quick looking at it and get an idea what I mean!

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