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An idea for Decisive Strike Rework

BlackReaperBlackReaper Member Posts: 134
edited February 2019 in General Discussions

Lately i been playing a lot killer, then i could understand why some killer blame on a lot, so lets get into it.
First of all Decisive strike will count as a struggle, so dribbling won't be useful.

This DS will have like 5 or 6 skill checks, his difficulty will be harder than snap it out and bit more easy than the current DS, and those will fill the bar of struggle, as same as the dribbling works, so if you dribbling you will make the escape faster and easier, but you will have time if a hook is close to you so you dont need to waste time dribbling to avoid the DS.

You can only escape one time with it, an example, if you hit it 4 times and then you miss and escape, its count as a use for DS, but if you dont want to use it you can miss the first skill check then DS dont count, that way you can keep it for later or for a better time.

If you are not the obsession you need more skill check to fill it out, 2 more most likely, and it will stop at 90% of progression, so you will finally filled it with the normal struggle. This way more than one DS will be less efficiency but it sometimes will still be able to be useful.

Now the most important thing, for me, the most painful stuff of this perk is the 4 sec without cant move and cant even see where is the survivor running, for me is clearly the most annoying part of this perk, thats why the stund will take just 1 sec and the survivor will get a burst of sprint, this way as survivor can reach faster some safe place, but the distance will be the same or even less with the killer because in the killer side you will have a faster recover so you can see where the survivor is going and keep the chase faster or just ignore him and go covers some generators.

In this way we keep the unique capability of Decisive strike but give some equal balance and boost killers side making it faster and smoother. I dont really want lose this perk, some people really hate it but DS is not the problem, the real problem is the gen rush what make killers can't lose a second and Decisive Strike really harm so hard a killer gameplay, you caught someone and its gets freely away while 2 generators just pop up, thats not fair, for that reason DS is not the big deal, but this meta is not currently balance and thats why DS is hated so hard. In the other hand it is so iconic and give a the survivor a second chance and make the big and scary killer a bit vulnerable and it feel nice but without make him weaker.

What do you think guys?, let me know if you think this is a good idea or its needs tweaks or you have a better idea (better than erase it).

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