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An idea for Decisive Strike Rework

Hey there, today im here to speak about an a idea i want to share so lets ge into it.

First part, how the new DS will work.
His new mechanics will be:

1º- 5 or 6 skill checks in a row, harder than snap out of it SC and easier than the current skill check for DS.

  • More skill checks, more chances to fail and dont succes and more time to use it so more time for the killer.

2º- Each skill check will fill the struggle bar instead of being a insta-free from killer.

  • This way the killer wont need to waste time dribbling to avoid the DS and still have the same time as now or even more to get him in the closer hook.
  • Inside of this mechanics if you hit 4 for example and afterward you escape it will count that you use DS and you only can use it one time for trial.
  • If you instead want to keep it for later or is not a good moment for it, you just need to miss the first Skill check and you struggle normaly.

3º-The non-obsession

  • If you are not the obsession you will have 2 more skill checks to hit and if you hit all, the bar will stop at 90% and you have to fill it with normal struggle.

4º- Escape time

  • After play recently a lot of killer, i realize that the most annoying mechanics of the decisive strike is the eternal 4 second of stun, where you cant see where the survivor goes and can do nothing. Thats why:
  • The killer will only get 1 sec of stun, and instead survivor will get a speed burst, this way both part have some balance, survivor can go faster to a safe plays but the distance with the killer will be the same or a bit less in general than now, killer side dont waste that much time, he can start the chase again faster or go and cover some generators or what he need.

I dont think decisive strike is op by himself, but i can understand why so much people hate it, with the gen rush threat you cant lose a second and ds really delay the killer gameplay and its really hard, but i dont want this perk to get erase as some people ask for.
For sure it should need some tweaks but in general i think it would be more faster, smoother and healty for the game.

What do you think about it? Let me know if you have any suggestion.

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