If you want to be part of the dedicated servers Player Test Build, you will need to update the PTB to 2.7.0a. The dedicated servers will be turned on the PTB without a patch. As long as you have the 2.7.0a version of the PTB, you will be able to test dedicated servers.
Patch notes: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/59071/2-7-0-mid-chapter-player-test-build

4th Infinite Load screen today.

Hello I play killer. played maybe 20 games today and just got into 4th infinite load screen today. been 20 minutes so far when I came to write this. Two times it happened when I used a black ward and then a Ebony Mori. idk if the surv dced and that cause it but to say the least its super annoying and I would like this constant interuption and offering waste to stop. Does anyone know a fix or this, or know when Behavior is going to fix this?

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