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New baseline to finally close the gap between the solos and SWF

Hello Dev team, can we remove these perks and make them base for every survivor?
Right now the majority of the player base already have the advantage of these perks permanently only the solos are restricted to the initial 4 perkslots.

As a consequence some killer perks also would need a tweek.

New survivor base perks:

-Dark Sense
-Deja Vu
-Windows Of Opportunity
-Spine Chill
-Open Handed
-Small Game
-Object of Obsession
-Plunderer's Instinct
-Detective's Hunch

Killer Perks needed to be tweeked:

-Hex: Devour Hope
-Hex: The Third Seal (especially)
-Hex: Thrill of the Hunt
-Hex: No One Escapes Death
-Hex: Ruin
-Hex: Huntress Lullaby
-Franklin's Demise
-Knock Out


  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 3,919

    But then we have to replace these survivor perks. They can't just dissapear!

  • CymerCymer Member Posts: 751
    Milo said:

    But then we have to replace these survivor perks. They can't just dissapear!

    I have written, they would be removed yes.
    If we get new ones which would offer a unique and fun gameplay I am all for it.
    But as it is right now, 70% of the matches has SWF in them and most of them are using voice.
    Voicecom can offer all these perks for free and hinder or completely nullifies killer perks with absolutely no counterplay.
    When the majority of players are using voice and have access to these advantages whom are more or less representative to those mentioned perks, we need to make them baseline so that solo players are on even ground and the devs finally can properly balance the game, because there would be no longer such a huge gap between the SWFs and solos.

    Would you rather have 16 new perks who offer an unique playstyle or playing with 4 perks, knowing that half or 3/4 of your team might have access to them for free? Only you are left out?
    Is this your perception of a fair gameplay?
    If one player has access to 5 times as much perks as you do. His SWF buddy too!
    I am not saying that every SWF is using their advantage to the fullest and are tryhard all the time.
    You can equip all the perks and still only use those who you actually care. Would it be because of preference, lack of knowledge or skill.

    In the end it doesn't matter!

    You all would have access to the same advantages in game. If you decide to use them or no is all on you and your decision alone. 
    I hope we are never facing a game who would dictate how you should play or have fun.
    But we all should have access to the same stuff and not only those with whitelisted 3th party programs.
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