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Story Time

While we’re chillin around the campfire tell us some of your most interesting stories from in game...or not.


  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 5,183
    So once I was playing Freddy and I was just walking around inside the red forest main house and I heard a Claudette healing, i looked around and i couldnt find her until I realized she was healing right in front of my eyes in a dark spot in the house. 
    Theres a Claudette here

  • MichikoMichiko Member Posts: 623
    One time I got gen-rushed and made it to the Exit Gate just in time to witness the Survivors new twerk choreography. 

  • SpencerSpencer Member Posts: 68

    @Michiko said:
    One time I got gen-rushed and made it to the Exit Gate just in time to witness the Survivors new twerk choreography. 



  • JudgementJudgement Member Posts: 797
    Well I got a few.

    1; Way back on PS4 when the game came out free for PS+ holders, I ran around a Huntress for three generators until the gates were open. Console ‘inferiorities’ in mind, I’m surprised she didn’t rage quit.
    I was a split-second off of being hit after dropping a pallet, but the Huntress was just stunned in time, and I managed to get out through the exit gates.
    Saw the Killer’s loadout. See, I was suspicious that she was moving a bit fast, and I knew she had it already - NOED.
    I was a split-second off of finding out the hard way that the Huntress had NOED.
    She never got any kills, but didn’t DC.

    2; I used to main Doctor until one time when my PC crashed because of how much performance tanks when I use him (from 35fps to 24fps), but I finally managed to down this pesky Survivor then I heard a gen pop. Then another, and another, until there was one generator left.
    Turns out the second-last guy 99’d generators and popped them all, just after I downed the other Survivor.
    They were a SWF Duo that were pretty chill and pretty good. The guy popping the gens made me think he was hacking until he explained it after I finished up the game with a 4K. No toxic stuff, just a fun and funny match.
    The dude I had just downed when the gens popped said he laughed his ass off while he was watching me slowly turning to look at each generator that went off.

    3; Obsession disconnected when I literally only looked up as Legion, in The Game, with Hex: The Third Seal. He was running around a strong loop and my game froze for a moment. Normally when I drop frames I look up for a bit, but it lasted long enough that I thought the game crashed. When the frames came back, he disconnected thinking I was using the ‘lose chase as Legion to make you bleed out’ thing. I let a streamer smash my hex totem and  decided to farm with everyone. One person didn’t want to farm and let himself die on hook, and I could respect that considering he had been bleeding out for 3 minutes with everyone blind until I let the totem get smashed.
    But it’s amazing how much a DS, Sprint Burst, Self-Care and Borrowed Time user, with all his crutches and cancerous perks and everything, disconnects as soon as a Legion looks up for a little bit.
  • KingBKingB Member Posts: 747
    My brother was new to the game and someone last second switched to a p3 David with a flashlight, a p3 meg with a flashlight, and a p3 claudette iirc. He's rank 18 at this time playing trapper with zero add-ons and only level 1 brutal strength. I took over and got one in the shack early. Basement hooked and I had 3 traps close by. One trap disarmed (I hadn't gotten far) so I came back as they were unhooking and reset it, tunneled the david off the hook and bam meg runs into a trap. 2 basement hooks and I reset all 3 traps. Then claudette got in so I rushed back. Downed the meg and picked her up while david tries to flashlight save. Smacked him down blah blah blah stuff happens I get a 4k. 
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