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Killer Can't Walk Forward

Hail_to_the_KingHail_to_the_King Member Posts: 180
So I have had this problem multiple times over the past year but just assumed that it was my internet. I Will start up a game as killer then I press the left analog stick to move forward, but the killer either won't move or does move for a secomd then stops moving. It does this for the entire game. I can walk backwards and sideways just fine. Can even walk forward as long as I am using my killer's power. Just can't normally move forward. I have used my PS4 on 3 separate internet connections with and without lan cable. The problem still persists. I thought maybe it's the controller, I have used 5 separate controllers and this still happens. So I downloaded the game on 2 other PS4's and nothing has changed. It isn't every game. It happens for like 5 or 6 games in a row then goes away. This leads me to believe that the problem isn't on my end. Maybe it's a bug or something. I really would love for someone to look into this. Thanks.


  • IGSTEEZYIGSTEEZY Member Posts: 11
    This happened to me also ... controller is messed up ..left analog stick gets broken from wiggling or excessive dirt getting inside.i believe wiggling had broken 2 of mine
  • IGSTEEZYIGSTEEZY Member Posts: 11
    I dealt with stuttered walking killer and survivor because of this I had 2 co trollers I'd swap to play with the other broken up on analog stick
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