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Skill check pops up right when I stop healing or working on a gen

It seems like almost every time I stop working on a gen or stop healing a player a skill check magically pops up at the same time and cuases an explosion or loud noise. This happens way to frequently and needs to be fixed. This has cost me lots of a games and it [BAD WORD] your game up in general. Or am I just extremely unlucky.


  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,824

    Nope, you're not specifically unlucky. It happens to me, too. And I'm pretty sure it happens to the other survivors I play with, because I've seen them fail skill checks when stopping repairing/healing. It's a big problem and really needs to be addressed.

  • EvelineEveline Member Posts: 2,340
    edited February 2019
    Sometimes gen explode twice. Skill checks should be at least 2 seconds between one another.
  • KelmatKelmat Member Posts: 23

    It has happened to me a lot of times and it's really annoying. It would be easily fixed by just making the skill checks stay in your screen even if you leave the gen, like with overcharge.

  • T0xicTylerT0xicTyler Member Posts: 490

    It'll happen as your item runs out of charges as well. Just one the many "quirks" of this lovely game lol

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