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Reward better gameplay with bloodpoints

For a while I've had some ideas to help solve a common issues both sides in the game face - an unpleasant match where in some cases you are either tunneled to death or a bad teammate makes your game miserable by completely farming you to death. The devs have taken the approach to punish this behavior by implementing points for "safe unhooks" and reducing emblems yet the problems still persist - that is why I thought of the idea below. Keep in mind that this is not a complete solution but I believe it can be a helpful one to help discourage certain actions ingame.

A big part of the game is that you have to grind every single match in order to complete your bloodwebs and of course make progress, considering this I think a good incentive to make players play more fairly would be to introduce a new bloodpoint category specifically for fair play which means you can earn up to an additional 8,000 bloodpoints per match.
Here is how this system would work ;

  • At the start of your match you start off with a 3x multiplier for this new category (this is exclusively for this category alone)
  • Performing a toxic or unfun action gradually lowers this multiplier until you do not gain points in this category. This can count for things like tunneling, camping and farming teammates.
    How this would work for survivors for instance is like this.
    Player A is on a hook and Player B is about to go for the save. When you save the survivor you gain the base bloodpoints you would get for a regular unhook and if it was a safe unhook (in this case the survivor is not hit within 15 seconds rather than being downed) you will gain 500 safe unhook points in the new category, if you have kept your 3x multiplier you're now given an incredible reward of 1500 points for a safe unhook instead. If you farmed your teammates though? You now lose 1x of your multiplier and do not gain any of the safe unhook points. Now that survivors gain an exceptionally large reward for saving a survivor, there is practically no reason to intentionally farm other than to be a dick or if you're new.
    Another example of how you can obtain points in this emblem is by interacting with other objects in the map like totems and chests rather than exclusively generators.
    For killers, these points would be applied by targeting different survivors while tunneling directly off of an unhook or camping will lessen the multiplier.

This isn't a complete solution to unfun gameplay but I do believe that it's better to reward players who play nice in terms of bloodpoints especially considering how this is already something they have messed with when they introduced the safe unhook points. If it becomes too powerful when stacked with offerings or bloodpoints then we can always of separate this and only make it a bonus.


  • fluffybunnyfluffybunny Member Posts: 2,161

    We should include things to give killers a better experience, too. Like taking points away for tbagging/taunting at pallets or in the opened door and so on.

  • vampire_toothyvampire_toothy Member Posts: 381

    @fluffybunny said:
    We should include things to give killers a better experience, too. Like taking points away for tbagging/taunting at pallets or in the opened door and so on.

    I was thinking about adding that, but I wanted to see how people liked the base idea first. I'm not opposed to making that part of the idea though.

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