Nightowl Tournaments [PC]

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Nightowl Tournaments

You are a group of 4 crazy and funny players? You think that you as a team have very good chances in the game? Then show yours at our Nightowl Tournaments. Every 3 months we organize a Dead by Daylight tournament, the winners get the Nightowl Cup home. Now you probably think what you should do with a cup? The Nightowl Cup entitles a team to sign up for the Nightowl Grand Prix and what is there for spectacular prices we do not know ourselves yet we only know it will be great prizes such. Ps4 or PC accessories: chuffed: All information and registration at

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or in the stream on to me.

So we wish you a nice week and build up a tournament series because if it goes well we will do 5 tournaments a year, 4 qualifying tournaments and a Grand Prix tournament with the fat winnings.

Soon also for Xbox One and Ps4

lg your tonstar45 from Nightowl Studios


  • ParaforceParaforce Member Posts: 2

    Bom! If u wish me join your team, or soneone else wish me to join them, pm to me, and i instruct your members how to win as killer and survivor.

  • ChroaksChroaks Member Posts: 1

    I cannot find any information or registration on the link you provided.

  • tonstar45tonstar45 Member Posts: 12
    Chroaks schrieb:

    I cannot find any information or registration on the link you provided.

    We have change the Tournament on a website with a better System here is the new link but the Rules are in German.
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