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Anybody else have any issues with this map?

This question has to do with the Mount Ormond Resort map which has quickly became the only map I will ever DC from and that's because of two horrible issues I have with this map ;
1 - Horrendous lag
2 - I can't see blood or scratches making tracking very difficult.

To better explain the first issue I can play on any map without any performance issues at all and can play at full screen but Mount Ormond since release has been horribly laggy for me often dropping my FPS down to the point where it's unplayable (It feels like it's around 10-20 fps).

For the second issue I just can't see anything at all on that map, if I hit someone the blood is almost impossible to see and the scratchmarks oddly enough just seem to blend right in with the snow.

Does anybody else have one or both of these issues with this map or is it just me?


  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 12,654

    I don't have fps issues with the map, I have heard the problem with scratchmarks and brought that up with the team.

  • SupernautSupernaut Member Posts: 1,288

    Yeah, I can barely make out any blood, scratch marks, gens or auras as killer. Another map to loathe.

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