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The Legion, and how to play him/her!

I know that people say that The Legion is the worst killer, and it's ok! The Legion is good, you just need good perks to make him good! (Hex:No One Escapes Death, Hex:Ruin, ect.)


  • DarkGGhostDarkGGhost Member Posts: 915

    The moment new DS hit the live play Legion with knock out, third seal and what every you want it's will be ultra fun ( for the survivors), ultra counter to DS and ultra (no)toxic

  • PluPlu Member Posts: 1,061

    No no no, i consider myself a Legion main and he's not good, he's pretty weak for a kiler and a pain to deal with as a surv, not because he's good but just plain annoying.

    By "not good " i don't mean he's unplayable, just not a very effective "Killer.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 2,649

    I'd say he's low tier. But not trash tier like some people say. He's better than freddy for sure and better than the wraith since his power DOES speed up chases a bit when used properly.

    The issue is that his most obvious uses are also the ones that DON'T speed up the chase and just slow him down instead. And that the amount his power speeds up his chases is less than most other killers with offensive powers.

    So better than freddy, better than wraith, maybe better than hag and trapper. I'd put him at a bit weaker than the pig

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